August 11, 2009


Primordial scream, if ever there was one. First, my tv got fried in last night's thunderstorm. Yep, I heard my mother very clearly, "Chile, you better turn that tv off." Lord, will I ever learn to listen? I swear TN is going to be the death of me.

I came in, beating the storm by minutes, settled in front of the computer, my usual routine--and had the tv playing in the background. Rain begins, thunder rolled and, BAM, lightning struck. A spark flew from the mouse and the tv went off. I threw that mouse away so fast, ducking all at the same time. Shut that computer down quick. But, alas, the tv is fried. Everything was on a surge protector BUT the tv. That's okay, I am counting my blessings. I have other tvs in the house and nothing else was damaged. It could have been worse. I guarontee that I will be sitting still from now on. Didn't I just send around an email about staying safe during electrical storms?

But tonight, I come in to learn that my FAVORITE country group is breaking up. OMG! Brooks and Dunn are calling it quits. I can't believe it! That puts a pall on everything else I had intended to tell you. Did I say, I can't believe it! I am devastated.

I have to absorb this news with one of their cd's playing while bending my elbow. I'll be back at you later.

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