August 19, 2009

"We Didn't Know...

what we were stepping into." Yep, that's exactly what Alpha Male proclaimed and all I can say is "Boy, Howdy!" I guess he's having second thoughts. Lord knows I've had plenty. But my money is on him. His goal is to turn the store around; something that is going right over the heads of my peeps. All they see is that he is changing things. I see that he is looking to improve the bottom line which means BONUSES, something that group has seen so infrequently until most of them don't even know what it is. Boyfriend has a plan. Shipping out the international flavor (too new and he doesn't have the time to train them--of course, that's NOT the official line) and bringing in some seasoned managers. Hooray! Beautiful people; however, the move will be good for them, as well.

I'm trying to step up my game. I intend to be around a minute or two 'cause my dental appointment today indicated that I am in for a very expensive and extensive treatment. If I thought that I needed every dime I can scrape together, the trip to Dr. Cully sealed the deal.

First, he's located in Jackson. Should've moved there but I wanted to be in Memphis. Why Jackson? 50,000+ population and more amenities. Think northern VA. Anyway, me and Ms. Maggie struck out to find Dr. Cully. After several "calculating the route," something she does when one of us has messed up, I finally located the office park. Walked into a decorator's dream. Several pieces of artwork and floral designs could have found a home in Serendipity. A lady asked if I would sign her in because her writing hand was in the largest bandage I've ever seen in my life. "Is this your first time here?" As we admired the furnishings, she voiced what I was thinking: "No wonder they ask for the money up front. I've never had that done before. They didn't ask what the problem was or anything--just bring the money." No joke. But here's the joke--I was told to turn onto "Orwell." There is no "Orwell." But there is an "Oil Well." What a hoot! Turns out that the hygenist, or whatever they are called today, is from Indiana and her coworkers make fun of her accent. Her mother told her that she needed to come back home because she was developing a horrible accent. She told her that she had to pick up some of it because that was the only way she would fit in. N O T!!! As we laughed, the receptionist looked at us quizzically. I told her it was a private joke. "Must be a northern thing." We really laughed at that. Oh, his office is a few blocks from Union College which took a huge hit from the tornado down here last February.

Happy Birthday to all the August babies. SF celebrated another trip around the sun as did one, if not both, of the Bowmans. Hope you enjoyed your day. Thought you'd like to see SF's cake. It was the cutest thing.

Picked three tomatoes this evening. The "farmer of Gresham Place" is not as prolific down here as she was in D.C.

I know that I'm missing a lot but I'll catch you up later.

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