September 03, 2009


Yes Siree, Bob. Girlfriend had the worst day of her "career" at Wally World. So bad that she cried in the office. You know that I don't cry readily so it must have been bad. One of the few people there who "like" me offered a hug and that was all it took. So what happened?

Let me start by stating, unequivocally, that I am a hated person. From the day of my interview to present. Don't know if it is because the locals didn't get the job or the fact that I'm not from the area and we do know that I "talk so proper." Be that as may, my life has been a living hell. Thank God that the scenery is relaxing on the drive in and back. "Hello, horsey; hello, cow." But I'll get back to the frightening drive in today and it just went downhill from there.

Have to be in at 6 a.m., every other Thursday. The fog, this morning, was so bad until you couldn't see, even with high beams. I didn't know if I was flying off the road or not. Severe heart palpitations. Going w-a-y below the speed level. Any hoo, the line starts forming as soon as I hit the office. Nonstop traffic. And they get offended when you go to the restroom. Hello!!!

Needless to say, on these Thursdays, almost nothing gets done. Taped the first video; the recording stopped in the middle of the second. The one that I had been expressly told to record. Great! Just great! The dv says 120 minutes, so why did it only take one hour and some minutes? I was supposed to burn some time but decided to do lunch and come back to finish out the shift. Maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish something that I'm supposed to do.

Cut my clock out time close; too close. Ran out the office to find a line at the time clock. Please, not another meal exception. Came back from lunch to find that one person, out of all the people who signed up for direct deposit, had a problem with the money not being in the bank. Why, Lord? She is one of the clique people. So we sit on the phone for an hour and a half, waiting to find out what the problem is. Oh, no. We didn't enter the right numbers and now her money is somewhere else. WHAT? Sixty to ninety days before she gets paid? Good googley moogley. Talking about serious panic. I look at her check to see if I can cover it...N O T!! Sweet Lord, have mercy!

By now, I am in state of panic. The nerves have totally shattered. It must have shown in my voice because the lady at home office kept trying to reassure me that everything was okay. No, it was not! The employee is saying that it was my fault and maybe it was. Lord, have mercy. We got her paid but, needless to say, I was a nervous wreck.

My concern is not about her but how this affects my relationship with the manager and the HR manager. AAARGH! Finally got to speak to the HR manager and he said it was okay. The store manager had gone for the day, so I have no idea of his reaction and absolutely hate having to face him in the morning. AAARGH!

To be fair, the screen asked her to verify that everything was correct before she submitted. So the mistake should have been caught. Regardless, I was involved and feel just awful.

Pray for me. I need it.

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