September 06, 2009

Is It Sunday Morning?

It is Sunday morning and Meet the Press is not on; however, Ripley Public Works is busy cleaning the street in front of my house. Say what? The only other time that I've seen them on a Sunday was after the snow storm last winter. It's cool but is it going to snow? I can only surmise that 1) they are working because tomorrow is a holiday or 2) the parade will come this way.

What parade, you ask? Labor Day weekend is a big thing for the Blacks in this neck of the woods. Homecoming. Everyone who can makes it back for prayer, food, fun, renewal of friendships, family, etc. I've posted about the tradition in a previous blog. It usually culminates with a parade from Rice Park, donated to the African American community by the Rice family, to the square to be judged. Then back to Rice Park for activities. Well, this year the square looks like a war zone. Demolition/construction continues but you can't get your car in there, much less a parade. So I don't know. Because my intentions are to "labor" this weekend, I wouldn't be attending any functions anyway.

Got a good heads up on the dining room floor. Am I still working on that? Yes, I am. Have been working steadily to get up the drywall, paint, whatever, which was liberally decorating the floor. I believe someone called it "heart palm." All I know is that it is beautiful and silky smooth. In addition to the other materials, the floor was dirty. Brought out the mop several times. Then hands and knees, with Brillo pad. Still spots of grime, mildew, grease, what?

The former owner left behind a scrubber/polisher which is nearly as old as I am, or a little older than #1 Son, at any rate. My mother had one. I was going to throw it away, figuring that it didn't work, but never got around to it. Then I found out that it worked. Had to ask my brother if he remembered how to use the thing. So after aching knees and cramped fingers, it was put to use yesterday, praying all the while that it wouldn't burn the house down. Whoopee! Wish I'd known it worked before I filled the bedroom with furniture. Anyway, there were still spots that needed some good, old-fashioned, elbow grease. And a razor to get up paint spots which had been overlooked. I swear that every time I look at that floor, I see more spots. Enough! Applied polyurethane to one third and left it to dry. Also did the threshold. Came back later to check out how it looked, stepped on the threshold--oh no! I'd forgotten that it had been painted. Aargh! Anyway, it's looking pretty good and I'll finish the rest today. Then off to trim bushes. It is Labor Day Weekend, isn't it?

More prayers needed. Paul, my Realtor's husband, has cancer. Remember that they rushed him into the hospital when we were trying to settle on the house? That was for a heart condition. I thought that I'd heard that the biopsy of his lung was good but evidently not. I ran into him and he is frightfully thin. "Boss" Criner's son died a few weeks ago. Most of the staff at the store is family but I don't know which one was the son who passed.

And, finally, thank you for your encouraging thoughts. I know that I overreacted but the thought that someone's paycheck was screwed AND that it was costing the store money, even though temporarily, was more than a little unsettling. Especially since I had helped with getting the direct deposit completed. The good news is that it is in the right bank; just the wrong account. Maybe I've finally reached the age where I just fall apart about anything. Anyhoo, keep me in your prayers as I'll keep you in mine.

Be Blessed.

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