September 09, 2009


Do you have too many? Of anything? Everything? You can admit it to me--several of us are pack rats, "collectors," "shopettes." Now, I'm not a shopette; however, if you gave it to me, the odds are ten to one that I still have it unless it broke, wore out, was used up, outgrown...something. And I still have items that my body will probably never ever fit into again. So do you. I'm still trying to figure out how to display a jacket a dear friend sent me from Vietnam. The embroidery is beautiful. Anyway to the topic.

Evidently my subconscious is trying to tell me something. I had this dream in which I returned home to find that SF had pulled out every item I owned. Chairs? I had chairs to seat the multitudes. There were Oriental pieces--figurines, vases, floral arrangements. There were African pieces and, of course, crystal, etc. Boy, Howdy!

I was able to furnish rooms in different styles or at least add to the decor of the room. The house was multi-level, definitely not Serendipity, and located in Memphis. From one window, there was a beautiful view of the skyline (Memphis doesn't have one like we're used to on the East Coast) and I was told to stand there to watch the fireworks. No kidding? Seems like the new mayor was having a firework display to celebrate getting rid of His Arrogance, who stepped down just one step ahead of a federal investigation. Lawd, lawd.

See I don't just dream in technicolor but myriad detail as well. Now, don't think that I'm going on a tear to dispose of anything. Well, maybe a few things. But I guess I will try to organize a few closets where things are hidden away. You never know what I might find.

Here's the finished dining room floor just so that you know that I can complete something.

Be blessed.

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