September 26, 2009

Road Trip--2

Milan is a large community and then we hit the small towns and narrow roadways. What's this? A turnoff sign for Huntingdon? This is where Alpha Male lives. No wonder he's not the friendliest of people. That's a hell of a drive to make daily, somewhere between 1.5 and 2 hours each way, to and from Brownsville, on top of the long hours. Mentally and physically exhausted. Wow!

Finally get into Paris and Maggie is just chirping along--"Make a right in two miles. Make a right in .5 miles. Right turn." No, Maggie, that is a hospital, not the park. "Right turn." Look in the rear view mirror and see a convoy turning right. Is that...? Too late, I'm headed straight. Now, I'm listening to Maggie but she took me into a housing development. Could it be that I keyed in Paris Landing Drive or some such? Back to the main road, turn into Fred's and ask directions to the state park, Paris Landing. It's 17 miles away, the meeting starts at 9:30, I've got 30 minutes to get there. I'm good. Except I don't know WHERE they are meeting in the park. Whip out the good old cell, call the store, ask them to call the HR manager for the exact location. He doesn't KNOW???? Obviously, he's not there. They call another store, get the cell for the personnel manager of the Paris store. And now the cell won't allow me call out. "Insert SIMM." "Check call security." What the ???? Damned phone is useless!

I'm in the park, at the hotel and conference center, getting ready to park when Nemesis, who is riding shotgun as usual, and her entourage shoot by. Well, hold up, this must not be the spot. Backed out--where did they go? Nowhere to be seen. Back to the entrance, across the road, down by the marina, around by the swimming pool, back to the park office. Surely they know where I need to be. Nope. "Go back to the hotel; they handle all of the reservations." Well, looky here, here's another straggler from another store who is also lost. And...we're off. Not a familiar car in sight (not that I know them) and we're up and down the streets. Why is this person waving us down? Because this is where we need to be. They've been watching us go down every road BUT the one they were on. Only 15 minutes late and the HRM showed up an hour and a half later. We watched him get turned around, too.

The site was beautiful!!! Kentucky Lake is man-made and huge. I've got to start carrying a camera. The only drawback was that it was misty and then we got a brief downpour but we were sheltered.

The expensive salad was very good but Nemesis took the show with her niece's Cornbread Salad. Absolutely wonderful. Will definitely be making this one. Best in baked goods was the homemade chocolate pie. The other male in the group had a crock pot of spaghetti, pretty good, and there were two entries for baked very good and one just beans dumped into the crock pot. Can't you just spot the beans worth tasting? I've never had green bean casserole but it was good, too. Better heated, I'm sure. Everything else was store bought and not worth wasting your taste buds. I mean, really, store-bought potato salad and coleslaw; store-bought desserts? I don't think so.

Meeting's over. Time to go home. Follow Miss TJ and crew back to Milan and keep going. I know where I am, now. Really? So why did I blow through Jackson--(thankfully, I realized that I'd missed a turn)--and wind up going through Humboldt? And praying that Maggie would get me to a spot in Humboldt that I recognized to get back to Brownsville? Lawd, Lawd, I was a whipped puppy when I hit the Brownsville store and even more whipped when I hit Serendipity. And very thankful that I drove those two hundred and some odd miles safely and without a problem. The Lord does look after me!

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