January 24, 2010

Half Way There

Through winter, that is. Can you believe that it is almost the end of January? Daylight is getting longer; still driving home in the dark but at least I can get out of Brownsville before it becomes dark. Thankful for small blessings.

Speaking of seeing...because the fields have been cleared and the trees are bare, I see things that I had no idea were there. A pop-up camper, is someone living in that thing? More livestock; falling down houses and barns. And they are still clearing cotton fields. Just in time for spring planting, I suppose. Good grief! What if you were relying on that crop for Christmas? Sheez!

Interviewing was in full swing at the store. We got the ok to hire 5 people. Did word get around or what? "I'm calling to check on my application." "I hear you're hiring." There is no good way to tell people that they were not considered or that the hiring window only opened briefly. See...everything is automated. No shuffling through applications and if you didn't fall into the open requisition...too bad. "Well, when will you be hiring again?" No telling.

And here's the real kicker. Phone numbers disconnected; not available for the hours needed--banker's hours are being sought. A closer inspection of the app shows all kinds of reasons for termination--insubordination; job abandonment; too many layoffs, plant closings, etc., on the app for serious consideration. Bad luck? Think not.

So in walks a real gem--dressed for success--over-qualified for the position. Can we bump him to another opening more suitable? N-O-T. And he's from the homeland--southern Maryland. Did a stint at Radio Shack (no, he didn't know you, J.B., I asked). Turns out that he is originally from B'ville; landed in the MD area after the military. 15-year-old daughter is having a serious adjustment problem with living in TN; a little different from coming down for a visit. Tell me about it.

Tried to soothe another applicant with fears of the background check. "I'll be paying for that mistake for the rest of my life." Seems like it but what can I say.

Switching to the subject of prayer--need collective prayers for the young man who had both kidney and pancreas transplants. His body is now rejecting the pancreas and he's been hospitalized for over a month. Not doing well, at all. Also need you to pray for my good friend, Giesela, who fell and broke her hip. She can truly sing "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen." Love you, girl.

And then we are praying for the people of Haiti. The George Clooney fundraiser on Friday was great. MJ SANG that song! But Kirk Franklin assembled a choir who move your soul on "Are You Listening?" Worth the $1.41 to download it. Enjoy.

Be Blessed.

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