January 24, 2010

Analyze This

Not that anyone didn't expect Peyton Manning to go to the Super Bowl but come on...some of those calls against the Jets were plumb ridiculous. The face mask call was NOT a 15-yarder but...when you are playing on the road....

And what about the Saints/Vikings? Lawd, Lawd. This house was rocking. Shades of my departed mama. What a game. But towards the end, the turnovers took their toll on the Vikings as did the ferocious hits on Brett. And, some of those calls in overtime should have been overturned but who wouldn't mind being on Bourbon Street right about now?

Whether Brett returns next year or not, he definitely gave us old-timers a season to remember. Bless his soul. It's time to go home to Missi-ssi-ppi. I don't think the wife can take another game like this one. I know I can't.

Waiting with anticipation for another quarterback shoot-out in Miami. Who dat, say Who dat?

Love it!!

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