January 29, 2010


Whoo hoo! Naw, silly. Wally did not close for the ice and snow storm hitting the area but Granny didn't raise a complete fool. The decision was made before I left work on Thursday that if ice/snow was present when I got up in the a.m., I would be a no-show. I had intended to let Alpha Male know that I would NOT be driving 30 miles in slippery, inclement weather, along Rte. 19, as a courtesy. However, courtesy took a detour when he mentioned that he did not want any call-ins. Oh, well! Taking the point for an unapproved absence.

So at 4 a.m., the street resembled a mirror and sleet was falling. Checked with my cohort in Dyersburg, who was chatting on Facebook, to see if she intended to go in. "Nope, my vacation day is already in." Now why didn't I think of that? Schools closed. It is 9 a.m. and snow has been falling for about an hour. Started out mixed with rain but now, it is all snow. Weather forecasts said snow, 3 to 6 inches, to start mid-day. Let me repeat, NOT driving 30 miles anywhere in an area where they don't even begin to know how to handle the frozen stuff. You can have an accident down here and they won't find you for weeks. A woman was reported missing after ice hit Memphis a few weeks ago and they found her car in a gully two weeks later. Not a snow removal anything moving up Lafayette (or anything else). Newscasts say "stay indoors; don't travel if you don't have to." Sounds like a plan.

Opened the shutters in the living room and Mr. Robin Redbreast was in the yard. Haven't seen too many robins down here. Chickadees, wrens, something tiny, were peeping out between the magnolia leaves. A cardinal, brilliant red, is also nestled among the leaves. Mr. Blue jay has also flown in. Maybe I'll just sit in front of the window and observe the tree and its residents for the rest of the day. Maybe not since a silly bird just hit the window and scared me to death! Was he trying to tell me something?

Plenty of tp, milk, and other staples. If we don't lose electricity, as in other areas, I'm good to go.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Be blessed.

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