January 02, 2010

What About That?

I've got a real live cowgirl, Dale Evans in the flesh, a rodeo queen, working with me. Probably more than one cowgirl...a couple of farmers...a couple of "wanta be's" who would not make it in the big city and then, there are the down-to-earth people, but let's get back to the cowgirl.

We were talking about the cold and she mentioned that she had to run home because one of her horses had gotten out. You can see my face, right? A horse got loose? So making conversation, I asked how many did she have. "I've got seven right now." Seven horses? You can really see my eyebrows now, right? So of course, "Miss Haven't Been on a Horse in Years" (and not eager to repeat the experience) asked what did she do with them. "Before the kids were born, I did barrel rolls, jumps, yada yada, but now the kids and I do team penning." Team penning? What is that? "It's where you and your partner cull cows and lead them out according to the number you've been given." Oh...okay. What type of horses are they? Quarter horses; a foal, some mares, a stallion turned into a gelding because he wanted to bite and act stupid. "Put him on the ground and cut them right off! Now, he's a real sweetie." That'll learn ya, durn ya!

So the next day, "Miss Wants to Learn Everything" asks what is the difference between a quarter horse and a Tennessee Walker. Did she look at me like I'd come from another planet? Well, sometimes I do feel that way but it is just a type of breed. Guess I'll have to do some research to really get my information. But it turns out that Brownsville has a Tennessee Walking Horse show every year. Have to put that on my calendar. Like I'll really know the difference.

Muddy paw prints all up the front of my car. On the hood, up the glass. Have liberally sprinkled the floor with moth balls. Looks like a hail storm hit it. And have you checked out the price of moth balls lately? Astronomical. Fox urine is next. Good grief!

So while fixing breakfast, I was amazed at the variety of birds in the yard--cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves, brown birds with red heads (must have been a female cardinal but then, would I know) and a woodpecker. Get out! Ran for the camera. Maybe I'll do bird watching when I leave Wally. Tune up the Nikon and use the long lens. Do they still sell film??? I took these from the dining room window. The brick building is about 1/2 block away. Mighty powerful little camera, daughter-in-law.

That's a wrap from the Big Rip! Be blessed.

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