January 01, 2010

Looking Forward!

Isn't that what you're supposed to do in the new year? The start of a new decade? Hot dog! Not looking back...leaving the past year behind with little regret. I've got 365 NEW days to experience what the Lord has in store. I am so looking forward to it.

So here's the wrap-up to my last week of 2009. I've decided that the men in this area are unadulterated chauvinists and you know how that sits with the kid. Had a conversation with a "gentleman" who borrowed my walkie. When I asked about it, I was told loudly, in no uncertain terms, that he had given it to someone who needed it and "that is where it is going to stay!" Excuse me...where is the child in this room? Bit my tongue and told him that he was being ugly. Of course, his boss was in the room...guess that showed me. Well, I am not about to argue about a walkie so when my HR manager walked in the next day, I related the conversation. Well, it just so turns out that this idiot, really a very nice person, is a "coordinator," the same as me, NOT a manager though he carries it like that. "What do you want me to do?" The street side of me wanted to say, "I want to see who has the bigger set of balls," but I didn't. Aren't you proud of me? I now have another walkie.

I sashayed my brown round to the front to help with the registers on New Year's Eve, trying to show that I was a team player, yada, yada. There was this niggling voice, yep, disregarded once again, telling me to stay in the office but noooo... Anyway, I'm working the lines, checked my watch (no overtime, remember) and told the last gentleman in line to let anyone coming up behind him that I was closed. As I go to check him out, there is a line of people behind him. Did he? Of course, NOT! Needless to say that they were pissed when I told them that I was closed. "You didn't turn off your light until after we got in line." Nothing for this man to do but accost me and get ugly when I was on my way to talk to the CSM...I was rude, he was going to call the manager, yada yada. Fine, his name is.... I don't know the protocol but I wasn't going to argue with him, either. Nor was I groveling. I still haven't learned my "place." It's a new day.

The pond in the front has been drained; the pipe repaired. Came home to NO water! They came back and found that when the water had been turned on, the pipe under the house had become undone. An hour and several hundred dollars later, everything was under control. They'll have to come back to fix the kitchen sink. Now I just had that repaired last year or so I thought. Since he never collected his money, I guess he knew that he'd only made a stop-gap repair. AAAARH!

While they checked out the sink, they commented on the lack of water pressure, something I've been living with since day one. Must be the filter. Tried to tell them that wasn't the problem. It must be a man thing because they took it off to see for themselves. No pressure. Now the faucet comes off and, lo and behold, the problem was a simple device to control the water of those dratted water savers. Took it out and, voila, I've got free-flowing water like the rest of the universe. TWO and a half years of living with a trickle when I could have had a stream! And, since it is a new year, we won't talk about the host of "professionals" who've thrown their hands up. I was tempted to wash everything in sight just for the pure joy of having a steady flow of water.

My house is a mess--I guess that means another 365 of the same. The old folks said that the house had to be clean, the clothes washed, etc. My intentions were good but I chose my bed when I came in. They also said that "whatever you do on New Year's, you'll be doing for the rest of the year." Looks like I'll be cleaning. Pork in the freezer, greens to be cooked, and black-eyed peas soaking! Old habits die hard. And maybe this year they'll finally bring the prosperity they are supposed to.

Click on the link for my New Year's Greeting. May it be safe, peaceful, and blessed.

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