February 03, 2010

For the Weather-Weary

By now, the beauty of falling snow has lost its allure. You're just SICK and TIRED of it. Nothing on TV; can't go anywhere; read all of the books and don't feel like cleaning. So here's an opportunity to learn something new.

For all my baseball lovers out there, Feb. 3 marked the 86th anniversary of the Negro Baseball League. Go to this link for more informationNegro Baseball League.

We know about Black cowboys but what about the girls? Black Mary

Love your ice cream? The next time you pick up the scoop, remember Alfred Cralle

The month of February, Black History Month, is chock full of celebrations, births, anniversaries, and inventions. Take a look for yourself. February

Well, boys and girls, that's all of the comfort that I can offer you. Stay warm. Stay safe. Be blessed.

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