February 27, 2010

There's a Problem...

when more interest is paid to Tiger Woods' transgressions than there is to the transgressions of those you elect or who work for you. Not going to waste much time on the soapbox; you're really not interested, right? But I found it interesting that an official in Bells, which is next door in Crockett County, got charged with domestic violence and one of the aldermen said the incident was "regrettable," but it was a "personal issue, not a city issue." Excuse me...Tiger's wasn't personal?

And the individual charged is also a part of an investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller's Office that found Bells leaders skirted state purchasing rules in a construction deal with frozen foods maker Pictsweet and made several other questionable financial decisions in recent years. The audit found that the city had leased a vehicle from a utility superintendent for $6,000 a year but did not have a written agreement or bid out the deal. He also arranged for city equipment to be used by a contractor working on the driveway of the home which the mayor of Bells rents, owned by Pictsweet. Hmmm, I keep saying that they do things differently down here.

The police chief of 17 years resigned but I haven't figured out how it ties into all of this. Except that he and the aldermen had some mighty big differences of opinion. Chief Resigns

And the School Board Superintendent caught in the prostitution sting in Nashville? Intends to retire but has not given a specific date. What happened to immediately? "We would like to get a grip on what happened and not just act on rumors," Taylor said. "I want to speak to xxx and see what he has to say." "...called the allegations against xxx "completely out of character." And, let's not forget these statements: "He is a good man and a top-notch administrator," "It is unfortunate that something like this happened, but it doesn't take away all he has done for the county." "It is easy for someone to cast stones, but we don't need to judge him," "In the end, the good he has done will outweigh this." Gee, Tiger, you should have been living in Crockett County, TN, rather than Florida. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In more ways than one.

My good friend who is going to teach me the ways of farming was rushed to the hospital the other day. Say a prayer for her please. She gets such a kick of my being totally clueless. Owns 175 acres (I can't even imagine that much land)and strictly used for crops, no animals. Now, that's what I call a landowner. So how did I find that out? It seems that several farmers in TN are also using their farms as tourist destinations, where city folk like me can come and watch the process, get their hands dirty, touch the animals, etc. When I mentioned it to her, we got into a discussion about land and how it is leased to commercial growers or put into the government's program where they get paid NOT to work the land. And she also touched upon how they have to "book" their crops in advance. In other words, promise to sell it for a certain amount before it even comes in. If you take a hit--weather, prices rise, whatever--in for a penny; in for a pound. Miz J's daughter-in-law told me that Miz J would have me planting crops in no time. "Dig the hole just like this." I told her that I just wanted to see it; not do it. I'm not liking the farming idea too much. Sounds like feast or famine to me.

Stay warm; stay safe. Stay Blessed.

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JasB said...

Big Sis, you certainly live in an interesting area. Not much to say about the political scandals, it seems that we missed the courses they specialized in, and Tiger's transgressions will not die anytime soon, it would be interesting to compare him with Sen. Edwards to try and understand why there is a different perception of the same family values supposedly.
Would it be possible to post pictures in the blog of your upcoming farm adventures, i truly look forward to this, sounds quite intersting, i will have lots of questions