February 27, 2010

Counting Down

Yep, Spring is in the air. Definitely. For the snow-weary, hold on to that thought. About 44 days to go. You can make it.

What makes me so optimistic? Ripley is holding its annual walk/run this morning and the lap goes past my house--on both sides. Naturally, Missy was totally unaware of the event (what else is new?), seeing as how she lives only to go to work and back. On the way to get the morning brew, I saw a balding, white head sprint past the driveway in the back. Strange. Looking out of the kitchen window, I see people running/walking/gasping past the front. Ah...I know what this is!

Taking my post in front of the living room window, I see old people, young people, children, laboring their way back to the starting point. There's a man in flapping shorts, checking his watch. There's another man, in flapping shorts with tights on, checking his watch. There's the chic woman who stopped to power walk then resumed her run. Where did she get that outfit? Not from Wally, for sure. Then there's the female couple, one of whom is pushing the baby carriage. Baby is having fun; not sure about Mom. And isn't that something I would see in the big city? And, of course, there are those who are bundled to the max, giving no thought to looks but plenty to warmth. I'll let you know when I find out what fund-raiser the run was for.

Speaking of fund-raisers, I finally finished the cookbook for the Ripley store. Wound up using some of my supplies. Who didn't know that would happen? Everyone is not cut out to chair fund-raisers, no matter how big their heart. The young lady is sweet as pie but no business sense, even after being given detailed instructions on how to make it work. Big loss--no profit. Sold the books too cheaply and didn't press for orders. Only sold 7. And, I had to call to see if she was pleased with the final product. Good grief! This was a freebie!

Interviewing again. What a disaster! Phone numbers not working; applications full of red flags--bad luck strikes but each plant you worked for closed or you were laid off? And the woman who had a baby-sitting position but they had issues? Why even put that on your resume? The young woman who couldn't answer any of the questions and proclaimed that she was nervous because she hadn't had a job since she was 16. "How old are you now?" "Eighteen." And there's the one who got caught in so many lies about her employment until they just sent her home. Interview took about 2 minutes and she drove 30 miles to get there. AAARGH!

So back to Spring. Wally has a boatload of potted bulbs, which are on sale for a dollar, and rose bushes for $6. I had to hold myself in check. It's going to be tight for the next month or two. But don't let my lack of funds stop you from getting your hands dirty. Oh, that's right. You can't see the dirt, can you? Buy them now and be ready to plant them in 44 days.

Take a minute to watch this short film--and share it with your friends and relatives. War for Your Soul

Stay warm; stay safe. Stay Blessed.

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