February 25, 2010

I've Decided

That curling, not with hot irons, is an overrated sport. Seriously...just what is so mesmerizing about this sport that NBC feels that it has to be covered every waking minute? I thought that hockey was the Canadian pasttime; is it now curling? Did I miss something? Every time I surface from my nightly stupor, it is the first and only thing on the tv. Someone likened it to shuffleboard on ice. I only know that it is BORING.

Of course, curling with hot irons is boring also. My hair is growing leaps and bounds and we all know how I feel about long, gray hair. The upside is that I'm blessed to have hair which is still thick and grows quickly. The downside is that it requires more time to do and the nightly use of the dreaded rollers. I need to get it cut and haven't had much luck with finding the right person to do the job. But we've got some creative folks down here. They are doing some very pretty "weaves," intricate designs, with the curling irons, straight irons, whatever, which are works of art.

That Wally does have some redeeming qualities. The new regional made a visit to the store and he's a BROTHER! Get out! Mr. O didn't let that one drop. What a surprise! I came in to learn that he was on his way but we'd heard that one for the last few weeks. Happened to saunter up front and saw the management crew gathered around in a circle, with a strange face in the middle. Started looking for another strange face because surely he is just tagging along. No other strange face. He's the ONE! OMG! Now, this is surely a sad state of affairs when you are blown away, in this day and age, when Blacks have made tremendous strides, by the appearance of someone in a higher position. How brainwashed, resigned, we are.

That the town of Ripley enriches its coffers off of me, alone, during the winter months. The water bills and plumbing bills over the last two months were frightening but the electricity bills??? Good googly moogly! See, it is easier to cool Serendipity than it is to heat it. And not having a central heating system, relying on individual heaters to generate warmth, doesn't help the cost. Good grief! Even the clerk at the utility office wanted to know if I was heating a house or what? Come on SPRING!

That spring is, indeed, on its way. The fields are taking on a slightly greenish tinge, when there is no frost on them. And I saw my little deer family of five grazing again. That field must contain something delicious.

That there are worse barn/sheds/garages than mine. And, they are in use!

That the Lord always answers prayers. The young man with multiple transplants is out of the hospital, after a 7-week stay, and looks well. So, now I'm asking that you pray for another coworker who is having a horrible ordeal with cancer and just underwent another surgery. She is, without doubt, strong but prayers always help.

That you needed a laugh as you brace for another snowstorm.

As always, stay warm; stay safe. Stay Blessed!

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