February 20, 2010


A number of deer grazing in the field to my right on the drive home. The only thing that I could see were the furrows of cotton stalks amidst the left-over snow. But they found something to nibble on.

Puxatawney Phil made his way to Serendipity. Naw, just that dratted ground hog who made an early appearance. AAARGH!

Another driver who had only cleared a portion of his windshield. And several who'd cleared the windshield and nothing else. A load of snow and ice on top of their cars and trucks.

The cutest little fat puppy who trailed his/her "chiren" to the school bus, waited until they boarded, and then trundled back across the street to the house.

"Stinky man" brought back his expensive bike to be fixed or replaced. Of course, the seat didn't begin to resemble the original one. LOL!

Chauvinism reigns supreme in this neck of the woods--until it came time to help me muscle those file cabinets back into place. My hole finally got painted this week--got rid of all that red and replaced it with a creamy white, beige, something. My eyes are so happy! Had no problem with the red but it soaked up all the light. Two lard a$$es and Alpha Male had no problem with ignoring me but Sistah Girl knows how to move furniture. Did enlist the help of a cart pusher with the large double-door cabinets. "Miss Gwen, my muscles don't work good first thing in the morning!" "Get out of here. I'm 40 years older than you and I'm a GIRL!" Of course, the HRM and market manager would choose to visit while the office was in utter disarray. "This has got to be cleaned up." One lard a$$ came to my defense and explained that I was putting it back in order. Mr. O, I'm told, almost had a heart attack. Poor baby!

On the subject of Tiger--he doesn't owe anybody an apology, other than his family, certainly not to me or the rest of the moralizers out there. And most definitely not to those women who claim to have been wronged. They chose that route. See, he hasn't run for political office, preached from the pulpit, taught children, or held any of the other positions for which we, rightly or wrongly, demand high moral conduct. He's an athlete. With big money. A sitting duck. So when he says he strayed from his moral compass--let he who is without sin.... And when he says that he has worked so hard (since age 2???) and felt entitled, sounds about right to me. Explains the "addiction." (And tell me what red-blooded male/female is not "addicted" to sex in their early years?) I've had fun with the jokes, games, etc., and will probably continue to do so, but an apology to me...not necessary. Now this man? Superintendent Caught Oh, Yeah!

The tulip tree has sprouted buds. Things are starting to take on that "just before spring" feel. See Mother Nature keeps to her time clock. 4 feet of snow or not!

Be safe. Be blessed.

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