February 13, 2010


Lots of terminology being used out there to describe the massive amounts of snow dumped on the eastern seaboard. But the one I like best, I think, is sno-cation. Just think of the many times that you've prayed for a snow day...not when you were a child, silly...but when you just didn't want to go to work. Be truthful. You know you have. What's that saying? "Be careful what you wish for." Good grief!

So, you're snowed in (and I do mean "in") and slowly going berserk. I feel your pain but don't want to be with you. Love ya and all that but.... And the weatherman says more is on the way. I sincerely hope not. See, sno-cation is fine but NOT when it is using up my limited vacation time. That is time meant to PLAY. You've kindly shared photos with me and some tales. Since misery loves company, here are just a few to let you know that you are not alone.

Cousin Jay sent a link for pictures which are breathtaking. Genedeanna Be sure to click the box for the slideshow. Jay says, Gwen, the view from my window is amazing. It's like a winter wonderland...I wish I could capture the beauty of it in a wonderful painting. I tried to take a few pictures but the wind is blowing and everything blurs. My car looks like a large hill, totally covered with snow. There is more than two feet of snow on the ground and it is still snowing!! Believe it or not, there were a couple of White folks out skiing! Why, why, why?!!! They are constantly telling people to stay home, keep out of the streets so that the snow plows can do their job. But, for now, they have temporarily suspended plowing in DC and Prince Georges because of low visibility.

And friend, Jayfoy, wrote: So it was a tad too much snow! You should see how it looks out here in the 'Burbs! Thursday, using a small snow blower [one of the TWO my Dearly Departed had -- the man had 2 of everything!], Sheila and I managed to get a lane open from the garage down to the street...Then somebody came around and wanted to charge me $80 to do my drive way and my sidewalks. Was he kidding? I live on a corner, so the sidewalk goes about 150 yards from BOTH SIDES! Naturally I told him "no thanks!". Who keeps that much money around? Better yet -- WHO has THAT much money around? And even though it took us all day Thursday -- we finally got a path down to the street. I was waiting for the #$%%^ snowplow to come by and push more snow in the way. You know how they do! But so far they haven't. And you should me trying to back my SUV down this narrow path to the street.

Harrisburg never made the news but JB commented: SUCKS------HATE IT. Almost to my waist, i have enough thank you very much.

SF got out of the Philly area in time to avoid the weekend dump but arrived back from Atlanta just ahead of the second one: I beat the storm / blizzard......However; when I arrived home, I couldn't believe the amount of snow at the foot of my driveway......So, at about 9:00 pm, I am shoveling a path to get the car out of the street......It seemed that the snow was replacing it's self as soon as I shoveled it away......I finally got it low enough to ram the car through and up the path and into the garage.

Jean at GFBC wrote: We have not had church for the last two Sundays and this coming Sunday is not looking good. The federal government has been closed Monday, Tuesday and will be closed tomorrow. We may have record snowfall by the time this storm is over. I am enjoying being inside. Fatima weighed in with: What I need is airfare ticket to Jamaica or somewhere warm, LOL! I'm tired of this snow! Purple Kat also chimed in: I have been stuck in the house since Friday night when I got home from work. When I shoveled Sunday the snow was mid-hip to waist high; when I went out to shovel some more Monday it had settled some and comes above my knee. Today there is a chance of 10-20 inches more forecast for today through tomorrow. Not a plow has been in my neighborhood anywhere. Folks stuck everywhere. Much rather be at work than stuck in all this mess, to be certain. And cousin Roxie observed: If I don't get out of the house soon, you will be seeing me on TV SOON. Gail in NYC: snow snow go away, come again some other......year? century? how about millenium!!!

And my only son pasted this photo of his part of the world to FB:

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay blessed.

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Tk421 said...

There were no photos of my beloved volvo going 4 wheelin through some of these neighborhoods.Its shame I have had to replace the skid plate twice the last time it was too much trafic to get out and grab it so it could be re welded back on .Make no mistake thats a tough little sedan to tackle the folly of NOVA and there Snow plow efforts