February 10, 2010

Is Somebody Watching Me?

I only ask because the streets of Ripley, which I travel, were passable and SR-19 was clear. Get out! After my rant last week about the state of the roads and the seemingly inability of my adopted hometown to take care of the streets, I was pleasantly surprised to find them CLEAN! Which made me wonder...arrogantly, I admit, that someone might be following my observations. Whatever, I was happy to travel my route without mishap, fear and trepidation.

You do know that early Tuesday morning, I sent an email to TDOT inquiring as to whom was responsible for clearing SR -19. Just a friendly note. Received a very pleasant response. They are and they were concentrating on major routes before hitting 19. How nice of them to reply. Of course, for some of us, Rt. 19 IS a major route. Anyhoo, I understand.

Needless to say, my arrival at Wally was met with snarky comments. "How nice of you to join us." Hey, I don't make a habit of calling in and I surely don't appreciate having to use my vacation time for "snow days". But I AM NOT driving 30 miles on roads which haven't seen a pass.

So, here is one of the funniest sightings I've seen. Passed a car after the first snowfall and the driver had only cleared the portion of the windshield on the driver's side. Are you kidding me? And, just like at home, the windshields and back window might be clean on many cars but the roof, hood, and back are loaded down with snow. It'll blow off, right? And John Deere made several passes through Lafayette. This time the blade was on the rear, so he was only leveling things out...not scraping away anything. And of course, no salt or sand to be seen. But he was "clearing" the street. Now, he never came down the street on my side but made sure that the path into the library's driveway was taken care of.

And when I went out to shovel out the driveway, AGAIN, I saw that the street had been cleared from the corner to the end of the newspaper's driveway. What about ME? Guess I'd been included by mistake last time.

So my complaints are few this time. Thanks to Jay for sending me some awesome photos of D.C. Trek in the Super Blizzard I got really homesick on seeing them but...seriously...wouldn't want to be ya! Be sure to click on the slide-show option in the upper left of the page. Absolutely fantastic! Enjoy!

Stay warm. Stay Safe. Be blessed.

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