March 31, 2010

Don't Know Squat!

Talking about my new neighbors. Reminds me of the Jamaicans--will give you an answer even if they don't know it. Have asked what type of turtle Jumbo is. Answers range from: "I don't know" (I like that one); mud turtle; snapping turtle. Now, if mud and snapping are the same turtle, I owe my group an apology. But, somehow, I think not. Why don't they know? I'm the foreigner in this outpost! I guess it is like my being in DC and taking the monuments for granted. The things which excite me here are everyday occurrences to them.

You know that I've become enthralled, okay, that might be stretching it a bit; let's say extremely curious about what's over there. So I'm spending my time watching the water, rather than the people in the parking lot. Little fishes, about 3 to 4 inches long. Probably some bigger ones out in the middle. Little turtles like I'm accustomed to seeing--except their shells are green. Maybe from all that scum.

Whoa! What's that furry thing that swims like an Olympic champion? Thank God, it was on the other side when he came up on land. Too far away and too quick for me to get a good look. Did what he had to do and was back in the water before I could blink. So I go to Alpha Male: "What's that furry thing?" "Haven't seen that but it might be an otter or a beaver." Not a beaver--beavers are brown and much larger than this thing. And, they've got that flat tail, right? So it must be an otter. And he agreed that the turtles in question are huge. And just why did he mention that he'd seen snakes, as well? One sighting will end my fascination with that swamp, marsh, wetland, whatever the hell it is.

Took my camera to work. Yeah, I'm really trying to get a picture to post. No luck. When I went out with the camera, one was close enough to zoom in on. Of course, it was gone when I came back later. Tried for a picture of some further away but even daughter-in-law's camera wasn't bringing it in close enough. I'll keep trying.

So now the folks want to know if I've had turtle. Have made it perfectly clear--I didn't like turtle soup so don't bring me nothing that has turtle in it. And I don't like frog legs so rule that out, too. And why would they ask me about alligator? Have they lost their minds? So, for the record--I don't want deer, amphibians or reptiles. Have I missed anything? Damn, Missy will eat anything but even she draws the line. :-)

79 whopping degrees. YESSSS! And the folks have come out of the trees. Daisy Dukes; tank tops; got to expose that flesh. Hold on; wait a minute. At least let's see if it is a permanent break in the weather. Charcoal being sold by the ton. Motorcycles on parade. Folks in the 'hood on the front, under the trees, hanging on the corner. Thank you, Jesus, that I didn't buy over there! Yeah, sounds snobbish. But it ain't nothing but a fact.

That's a rap. Be safe. Be Blessed.

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