March 28, 2010

The Signs Are Here!

That's right. Talking about Spring which officially arrived last weekend. Trees and bushes are in bloom (isn't my tulip tree gorgeous?), calves are gamboling in the pasture; grass is being cut. So just when in the hell is it going to warm up?

Seriously, folks. As soon as I turned off the heat, I had to turn it back on again. Good grief! I was looking for some relief on next month's light bill. Not happening. Might as well be warm and forgehd about it.

Yard man ran across me during my travels and arranged to cut the grass and trim the bushes. Only thing wrong with that is he was supposed to give me the price BEFORE he did the work. I guess he just didn't understand the instructions. But the homestead looks good with everything trimmed. Of course, it has rained each weekend and almost every day so that the tulips are starting to bloom before they can even be put in the ground. Oh, well.

Found out that the library is closed because one of the staff members is out sick.  Hope she feels better but you close down the facility because one person is sick?  What about rotating the schedule?  Of course, I don't go there often enough to be inconvenienced.  I'm just saying....

And the week has been awful!  I'll just skip over the chaos at work and move on to my road trip.  Rained cats and dogs all the way to Dickson.  Serious thunder and lightening!  I was helping the driver all the way--I was applying brakes before she even considered it.  While in the meeting, one member in the group received a text message that a helicopter had crashed in B'ville.  Helicopter Crash   Naturally, the sun broke through while we were inside and about an hour before we were to leave, the rains force.  Hail around Jackson.  Hmm.  Prelude to a tornado?  Traveling mercies, please!  At one point, we couldn't see squat!  But girlfriend handled it.  And I didn't get to see a damned thing. 

So what have I seen?  Turtles as big as salad plates.  Seriously.  There is a fenced-off wetland of some sort,  right next to the Wally lot and the vegetation appears to be dead. But there are living creatures over there.  Occasionally you can see air bubbles.  I'm always afraid that a snake will come slithering by while I'm standing there indulging my nicotine fix.  So I see this large brown thing on some debris.  What could that be?  And it moved.  Good grief...a turtle?   I've seen three so far and, while large, they are not as big as this one.  Are they nesting or sunning?  So I go to do my diligent research and lo and behold, there are a million species.  Each with a different type shell and markings.  AND...the box turtle is Tennessee's official reptile.  (Do we really need an official reptile?)  So the only thing I can tell you that these are not beautifully striped.  Nor do they have the distinctive shapes to their shells as so many do.  More flat and muddy brown than anything.  But they are huge!

I also learned that B'ville has a museum not far from the store.  Sounds like something I need to see.  Take a peek Delta Heritage Museum  and stop by when you're traveling I-40.

Calling it a day.  Be safe.  Be Blessed. 

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