March 21, 2010

Open and Shut

Open, or opening, are the buds on the tulip tree. On Friday, there was no color. Saturday? A blaze of pink and white. Mother Nature is amazing. Shut...the library on Saturdays. When did that change take effect? Good grief! I'm finally off on Saturdays and it will soon be warm enough to venture somewhere without the car (like across the street)and now it's closed?

Speaking of having Saturdays off...that just may be coming to an end. Alpha Male made the comment that they really needed someone in personnel on Saturdays. My lips did not open. If I be it...but I am not about to volunteer. If he asks my opinion, I really need to work 24/7 just to keep up. Busier than a one-armed paperhanger. I'm behind in paperwork and not happy with my own performance. Just asking to hang on a little while longer, Lord.

We're off on another road trip. These meetings definitely allow me to get out and about. Going to Dickson, just outside of Nashville. On MapQuest, I searched for Dixson ('cause that's what I thought was said) then Dickinson. No Dixson and the only other place was on the other side of Nashville, headed north. He must be kidding! Finally sent an email to Nemesis and learned that it was Dick-son. Riding with the Dyersburg gang; leaving before daybreak. Gonna be a long day. Nemesis asked about my travel arrangements but hasn't made the call to get in the truck. Not my truck; not my invite.

Mr. O has been promoted. Going to St. Louis. Isn't that grand? We have no idea as to whom his replacement will be. From my standpoint, it really doesn't matter. The company needs to make personnel totally separate from the store function. Human nature being what it is, there is always the risk of issues being skirted, rules being broken or stretched and, let's not forget that sense of being the Almighty which overcomes some when they receive the title, "manager." The way the system is structured, half of the time you don't know who you are answering to or where your loyalty should the store manager or the HR person. And we all know that I have an outrageous sense of fairness, right?

So Saturday was clear but chilly. Postponed the outside work. Today? Raining fit to beat the band and a snow mix called for tomorrow. Why couldn't it be a snow mix today, when I'm off, and rain tomorrow? Guess that means I have to do a little sumpin sumpin in the house. Very little.

Be Blessed.

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