March 16, 2010

Blackberry Winter

A new term for me...never heard it before. So you know that I looked it up and at the rate we're going, we may just have one. It is cold down here, so the heat is back on. To say that I've had enough is an understatement. I'm ready to trim bushes, plant flowers, be outside for longer than a mad dash from the car to the house and back.

Whether it is a blackberry winter or a dogwood winter (got ya', didn't I?), Mother Nature's cycle continues. The fields are littered with calves. Baby cows sounds so much sweeter, doesn't it? And they are cute as a button. At least, viewed from my car window as I haul down the highway. I just might have to change my mind, close up. Little, tiny things. One little group was standing in a line, head to tail, as if they were waiting their turn for...something? Next! A mother and calf reminded me of a human holding a little one's hand. Mama had her head next to the baby and was leading it to where it needed to be.

Saw my hawk on the way to B'ville. At first glance, I thought a bag had been caught on a branch. The second glance told me differently. HUGE! Sitting perfectly still. He'd changed trees on my return trip but was still at the top of a tree, sitting still. I'd love to know how much he weighs. Obviously he doesn't go for roadkill because the highway is strewn with dead animals. EEEW! Also passed a flock of chickens running loose in someone's front yard. Pass that house daily and have never seen them. Were they out for spring break? And what does the man with geese do with them? 'Cause he has boat-load penned up behind his pop-up camper. Slept on a goose-feather mattress once in a ritzy hotel. Those quills hurt! Guess the poor just don't know how to appreciate the finer things of life. :-)

Alpha Male has contacts. Yep! Traded in the wire-frame glasses. Jury's out on whether he looks better with or without.

Prayer does work...did we doubt it? The young man with the transplants was released on Friday. His body did reject the pancreas and he is now on insulin. The call telling his wife that he had taken a turn for the worse? Lab mix-up with the tests. Good grief? Can you sue for something like that?

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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