March 11, 2010


Sparkling clear water. Magnificent views--palm trees, white sand, little bitty fishes--hot sun; beach chairs; boats--all come to mind when you think of snorkeling, right? And then here comes Congressman Massa and blows that image to hell and back. Lawd, Lawd. I mean clear out of the water! Out of the universe!

Now, I admit that I am aging and since I'm not out and about with the youngsters, I don't know the meaning of a lot of terms that are being bandied about...especially this one. So when I heard it used repeatedly, being the curious soul that I am (and we know that I like to be informed), I went to the urban dictionary (didn't know there was such a thing, but I do now) and got the shock of my life. Lawd, Lawd. It shocked the few prudish bones that I do have in my body. See for yourself. SNORKELING

Talking about N-A-S-T-Y! See, when they started talking about the comments made at the wedding this "gentleman of honor" made, I assumed that the 15 gin & tonics and numerous bottles of champagne turned him into an "old fool," who was acting like a letch and making a drunken scene. Now, I'm wondering if this cancer which has returned is not cancer of the brain. Not a laughing matter but that's the only thing I can think of which prompted his various comments this past week. As for his behavior--its a pattern that he won't be able to run from. To my NYC buddies, what on earth is happening up there? Is something in the water?

So this is what is going on down here. Wally is taking on factory hours. Not that they didn't run them before but soon I'll be reporting at 7 A.M. That's right! 7 a.m. We do know that I'm not a happy camper, right! I hated being at DAR at 7:30 a.m., and now somebody wants me in at 7? Obviously, I'm getting old. Or, maybe, I've been pampered throughout my different careers. 7 A.M.? Give me a break!!!!

Remember the pop-up camper which I mentioned? Saw a flock of geese penned in behind it. And other trailers (these ARE NOT double-wides, boys and girls) in the brush around it. Yes, I said brush. Overgrown vegetation; scraggly bushes. Nothing cut or manicured. Maybe they are squatting?

Then there's the family with the graveyard in the front yard. And the cows butting heads. Must be spring. Daffodils are up in the yard. Time to turn the heat down to almost nothing, if not off, 'cause Ripley Power and Light is making up any deficits they may have with my bills, alone.

There's more but Massa took up all the space! Till next time, be safe; be blessed.

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Tk421 said...

ha ha haha ha ha sniff sniff ha ha ha ha always good when you learn something new