March 13, 2010

Training 101

Most trainers will agree that a primary rule, probably an unbreakable rule, is to have the necessary equipment/materials to conduct the class. The second would be to have your room set up before the student arrives. The third would be to have speakers lined up with approximate time frames, etc. And it goes without saying, the necessary paperwork on hand. Oh, and let's not forget the agenda. So with those principles in mind, not necessarily in that order, please tell me why I had: five computers for 9 people and a training plan designed for an 8-hour stint? Talking about musical chairs!

Set up my room before I left. Arranged for them to arrive after me; folders made; handouts assembled; speakers on tap. Arrived to find the room in complete disarray. Whipped it back in shape (not happy) and tried to put on a happy face. There's always someone who is late in arriving (usually me), but because I'm on a tight time-line, I'm ready to roll.

An assorted group, male, female, Black, white, young and old. Quickly identified who the slow learner would be. No problem. His schedule will have to be modified. Identified, just as quickly, the whippersnappers who know it all.

There are videos to be watched; tours to be taken; exercises to be done; paperwork to be processed. And every employee in the world shows up with a problem to address; some real, others imaginary. And, they must use the computers to catch up on the training they should have been doing in the past few weeks instead of waiting until the deadline. That, in itself, is not a major hardship. New hires can't use the computers to complete necessary forms or take training modules until they are in the system and the system catches up. But, the distractions are major for the new hires and those trying to concentrate on the training modules they need to complete.

So at the end of the first day, they haven't been able to get near a computer but they are 2/3 of the way through the agenda. Remember, corporate has designed an 8-hour-program. Did they even consider the interruptions, learning rates, etc., when designing this program? Which, actually, is pretty good. Or those attendees who have to leave before the day is over? Or the fact that it takes several hours for the system to catch up and they can't access the computer until the next day, ANYWAY?!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Training 101. Be Blessed.

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