April 04, 2010

Country Roads

Take me home, country roads.  Past fields that are in the process of being plowed; others a verdant green.  Still others with a purplish hue...what causes that I wonder?  Then I looked at my yard and assume that what I'm seeing is purple clover.  From a distance, I suspect it has a purplish-hue, as well.  Up close...just another thing which the damned groundhogs find appetizing. Bubble-gum didn't work.  They chew it up; spit it out.  Silly things.  They're supposed to swallow it and gum up the works...get it?  I guess they've evolved past that.

Remember when my brother and I ran up on two brothas riding through town square?  I'm wheeling into Ripley, off of 19, music a little on the loud side (yeah, I know I'm too old), not a care in the world.  Thank God I wasn't going too fast 'cause right smack dab in the middle of my turning lane are three of the prettiest horses, with riders, I've ever seen (aside of the mighty Clydesdales and Austrian Lippizaners).  There was a gorgeous black with white/gray markings who was so stately. Proud might be a better adjective.  Magnificent. 

The weather for the last few days has been fabulous.  Seventies during the day; low temps at night.  The tulips which I finally got in the ground are in bloom and look lovely coming up the steps from the street.  Need to put some on the other side to balance it off.  Lots of work needed outside--I've got big plans.  Clean the flower bed by the fence; get Yardman to put in one by the rotted fence; repair cracks, yada yada.  And, there is always something to do indoors.  You and I both know how much will get TODAY, right?

Wishing you a blessed Easter.  Be Safe. 

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