April 28, 2010

Good News---Bad News

The Dentist Pulled My Tooth Out

The dentist pulled my tooth out and he thought it was such fun
he grabbed his pliers and dental pryers and pulled another one.

"Yippee! Hooray! What awesome fun!" he shouted out with glee. He grinned a grin
then went back in and pulled out number three....

--Kenn Nesbitt

Now, the poem goes on to say that the dentist pulled everyone and now the person is eating mush and cannot brush. Not quite. I did have 4 of the remaining ones pulled and eating yesterday was and will be a slight problem for next few days.

The good news? Dr. Thomas Russell IV is an excellent replacement for my good friend, Dr. Chappelle. Wonder if they both attended Meharry? I'll have to check. Both are patient and very gentle. Dr. Russell even says "thank you" when you follow his directions. Southern charm. He, his father, and brother have a practice in B'ville. Talking about a family affair. Bad news--the pain killers are just a might bit too strong. The warning "may cause dizziness" is an understatement.

Good news--Alpha Male is vacationing in Jamaica, mon. He needed the rest and so did we. Hope he enjoys it. I 'spect Jamaica may be a little too laid back for him. Bad news--when he's away, his "co-manager" (N-O-T) goes berserk.

Good news--my former training coordinator received a scholarship from Wally to help with her studies. Not good news but GREAT news! She's taking on-line courses to become an accountant. Congrats.

Another round of interviews starts today. Called a gentleman who went on to tell me about his difficulty in obtaining ID. Now, that is really not my problem...I'm just trying to set up the interview. His job is to get the ID.

So the weather turned super cool after the weekend storms. Add strong breezes to the 50-degree temps and it's back to wearing coats. One thing for sure, today I will be back in my heavy tops. I can't afford to get a cold on top of the sore gums. There's only so much misery I can take.

The passing of Dr. Dorothy Height and Rev. Benjamin Hooks have left huge shoes to fill in the civil rights community. On a personal level, I also received word that a soror passed as did my ex-husband. My condolences to everyone's family. Especially to Number One son.

As you head out to meet your rush hour, I thought you'd enjoy a photo of how it looks on SR-19. Be Blessed.

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