April 25, 2010

Dodging the Bullet

Now, I'm real sorry for the folks down in Yazoo, MS, but am thankful as all get out that the tornadoes skipped my hometown. 'Cause you know that I was biting nails from Friday night until they called it off this afternoon at 2:45 p.m. Terrific storms, trees down in Memphis--crushed cars--flash floods...Lawd, Lawd!

Came home from work and hunkered down. Flashlight? Check. Weather radio? Check...wait a's not working. Changed the batteries. Nothing. This is just great! What to do? Trust in the Lord with all thine might. Got to clean out one of those interior closets so that I will have a hidey-hole. Thunder rolled and shook the house around 2 a.m. Something about the geography I guess. 723, or any other residence in which I've lived, never shook, not even when I was on the top floor of the condo in B'burg. The booms shake the house from foundation to rafter.

No rain this a.m. A good thing because mulch is to be delivered. Called to check. "Loading the truck right now." And then the heavens opened. Okay, no point in calling because this is an act of nature. And then the sun broke through around 10:30 a.m. Alrighty then. Surely they are on their way. N-O-T!

Mr. Groundhog is busy scarfing down whatever he eats on the lawn.  Black/white cat runs for shelter when I round the corner to the barn/shed/garage. Mr. Squirrel scampers across the rafters and out of the building. As I get back to the house and turn around, what should be running through my flowerbed but the biggest, ugliest, possum that God ever created. Good grief! he is bigger than the groundhog. Now Cindy and I saw one on the edge of the newspaper's property but it was a little thing (compared to this). I had no idea that they got so big. So what the hell am I running down here? A wildlife sanctuary? Seems like I should get paid for harboring all these creatures.

And then the heavens opened again, with the warnings that tornadoes could be on the way. Please, my heart can't take this. Pictures of the damage in Mississippi; tales of cars being blown off the highway. Let it pass me by, please. And it did. And I'm oh, so thankful.

So where is the mulch?  Off to the local home improvement store to find out.  OH--there was a mix-up?  Several people called and canceled because of the rain?  I can understand that but I didn't.  Just kind of figured that I'd be worked in between the raindrops.  Up the hill they come.  SF had deemed that the other side of the barn/shed/garage would be perfect for them to unload the loose  mulch.  Sounded good; didn't work quite the way it was planned.  See they sent it on a flatbed which could be raised to slide the mulch off.  Half in--half out in the driveway.  The lift was too high.  Oh, well.  Here's hoping that no one has noticed this huge mound of mulch and decided to help themselves.  Too much work for the kid.

Have a blessed Son-day.  Be safe.

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