April 08, 2010

It's How You Say It

Stopped to pick up a few things from a competitor, in B'ville, and decided to browse in the clothing shop next door.  Thinking that since there shoes in the window, perhaps I could find a decent looking pair of flats to wear at an inexpensive price.  No such luck.  Several pairs of fabulous heels and real cute sandals.  One of the employees was real helpful..."You should try Biedemasters."  And where is that?  She took me outside and pointed to the last store on the strip.  Okay, since I'm heading home in that direction, I got in the car and cruised down to the end of lot, looking for "Biedemasters."  Hmmm, "Biedemasters" or "Beauty Masters?"    Beauty Masters is a hair supply store which, it appears, sells assorted items to improve the cash flow. Laughed all the way home.

Phone rings and the caller want's to know if we have any openings.  "I'm sorry but we're not hiring at the moment."  "But do you have any openings?"  Repeated my response.  "I heard that the first time.  I want to know if you have any openings."  D-U-H!!!  If we're not hiring, then we don't have any openings.  What part of that don't you understand?

Terrible storm last night.  Lost power.  Not to be deprived of the ending of Nora Roberts', writing as J. D. Robb, latest thriller, I whipped out my little book light and read to my heart's content.  Not as comfortable as they'd have you believe on tv but it did the trick.  Great read.

NPR is compiling a list of 50 of the world's greatest voices.  Jackie Wilson is included among those. Rightfully so, in my untrained, musical opinion.  We're familiar with his standards, produced more for the money than the art,  but if you have forgotten what a great voice this man possessed, give a listen to Danny Boy. 

You can read a short synopsis of his career here:Jackie Wilson

Off to my favorite employer. Be Blessed.

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