May 01, 2010

May Day! Mayday!!!

May 1st!  Childhood memories of dancing around the Maypole.  Wonder why they stopped that tradition?  Anyway, it's also the annual Run for the Roses, aka Kentucky Derby.  After waiting patiently for hours for the grand event, would you believe the weather broke again in the Cordova, Germantown, Collierville area?  "Take cover now!"  Lawd a, I understand the seriousness of the situation but it's the Kentucky Derby!  Will they return to regular programming before the race starts or WHAT?  Just think, all of that anxiety for two minutes, albeit highly enjoyable ones.  I'd like to attend just once in my lifetime.

Josh, in Brighton (near Memphis), swears that he is trading in his truck for a pontoon.  Katrina, now in Nashville, got stuck on the road and couldn't get home.  The weather here is WILD!  Memphis' City Hall flooded; the levee broke in Millington (outside of Memphis) and the Navy base flooded.  2,000 people evacuated.  I didn't know that they had a Navy base in Millington.  And, as usual, the mobile home parks caught hell.  Flooding everywhere!  Canoes put into use; people on the roof waiting for rescue; cars submerged.  Roads washed out--I mean missing huge chunks.  Highways impassable.  Not to mention that this weekend is the annual music event at Tom Lee Park, with Earth Wind and Fire, among others.  Did I say an outdoor affair?  Good grief!  Mayday! 

But there are good things about the 1st of May.  Sterling Brown's birthday being one of them.  Noted African-American poet who taught at Howard U for years.  My little African-American Lit class was privileged to have him visit and lecture as a favor to his friend, our instructor, Mr. Campbell.  WOW!  Although we knew it was big, I don't think anyone appreciated exactly how big until years later.  Innovative Teacher and Poet

Another is the birthday of Max Robinson, first African-American anchor at D.C.'s (then) WTOP television station.  I remember the first time I saw him.  My mother was a mail clerk at the station and I was parked outside waiting to pick her up.  This fine Black man with full Afro and dressed in gleaming tennis whites came out the building and down the steps.  Good GAWD A'mighty!  I could barely wait for her to get in the car.  "Who was that?"  She patiently explained that if I watched the news sometimes, I would know that he was the new evening anchor.  I began watching the evening news with regularity.  Max, a real ladies' man,  threw lavish parties where my mother would serve or clean for extra income.  It was a tremendous surprise to all when he died from AIDS. 

And what's happening at Serendipity besides the monsoons?  The water heater is on its very last legs.  Here's hoping that it will continue to produce tepid water until the replacement is installed.   I noticed early in the week that the hot water was not as hot as normal but chalked it up to my having turned on too much cold water.  Then I did a water and no cold water.  Didn't need any.  Hmmm, haven't heard it clicking lately.  Checked the circuit breaker.  No problems there.  On to the internet to do a little research.  Oh, the element needs replacing .  Can't cost but so much so the call is made to the repairman.  "It's leaking?  Rusted the top?  Can't be fixed?  You're joking...right?"  Lawd a mercy!  Why the hell didn't it give out before I gave Dr. Russell IV my entire life savings?  Good grief!  Does it never end?

Think I've got an infection in the gums 'cause it hurts and smells.  Down to my last penicillin tablet but have plenty of the too-strong pain killers.  Calling him first thing Monday morning. 

You'd think that with all the flooding, Mr. Groundhog would have drowned.  No such luck.  He was grazing, as usual, on the back lawn.  When the repairman left yesterday, he hightailed back to his hole and then had the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to peek at us from his hiding place. I guess we interrupted his meal.

That's it for the day.  I think.  Be safe.  Be Blessed!

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