May 08, 2010

Didn't It Rain?

Mahalia and Sister Rosetta Tharpe may have put it to music but the folks in Tennessee have the testimony.  Major cities, townships, and rural communities got smacked down by floods many, including me, have never seen the likes of.  And I am so blessed.  While I bemoaned the "inconvenience" of the sirens and being unable to work in my yard as planned, friends and neighbors were being washed out of their homes--many losing everything they owned.  It seems that my community got off very lightly when compared to the counties around us and areas such as Millington, Brownsville, and who can see the pictures of Nashville, completely underwater, without thinking of New Orleans?   I'm driving down 19 and see this tremendous lake over to my right.  "Hmmm...I didn't know it was a lake over there.  Oh...the field flooded."  Going down 54 to Covington, the Hatchie River has inundated fields as far as the eye can see. 

Several of my co-workers lost everything--Glenda, Giles, Darlene; some, their cars; others, carpeting or other water damage.  Many were rescued by boat-- Man Rescues 30  Others were able to leave on foot and get to higher ground.  What a frightening, heartbreaking event!  At the store, we're trying to do a fund-raiser to provide just a little sump'n-sump'n to help out.  Wally has a fund for those in need; however, when you work beside someone day in and day out, it is only right to extend a helping hand.  So please tell me why some people are balking?  Don't they know that trouble comes to everyone?  That you never know when you may need a helping hand?  It really doesn't matter what kind of attitude that person may have...maybe this was the Lord's way of saying "Get right."

But then there is the beauty of God's handiwork.  Fields of beautiful, lush green vegetation.  You want to just get out of the car and run your hands through it.  Green velvet.  Wheat, boys and girls.  I'll have to take the camera and find a safe place to park.  It is unbelievable.

Please say a prayer for the family of a co-worker who lost her mother at the height of the storms on Saturday night.  The weather was too bad for the family to get to the hospital.  She had 13 children, of which my co-worker is the youngest of the older siblings and the oldest of the younger ones.  Makes her the middle child.  Alpha Male, another co-worker and I, headed out to the wake in the little red truck.  I had a vague idea of the church's location; AM had none.  The co-worker was the navigator and almost had us turning at the wrong intersection. Told her she could not give directions in the future.  We arrived before the family and after paying our respects, wondered how long before the family would arrive.  Well, Missy went to find the elderly deacon, caretaker, or whomever he was to see if he had an idea.  "Do you want to use the bathroom?" No, just wanted to know when the family would arrive.  I guess he just wasn't getting what I was saying because he was intent on giving the directions to the restrooms.  We figured that they must have been remodeled.  Got a chuckle out of that on the way back to the store.

My turtles are nowhere to be seen but the bullfrogs can be heard.  And there is a pair of beautiful birds who seem to have taken up residence.  I believe they are the Red-winged Blackbird.  Red patches on the shoulders as though the bird has been draped with a cape.  So very pretty when in flight.

And the troublesome groundhogs?  Have dug another tunnel on another side of the barn/shed/garage.  Came home to this mound of debris and didn't think twice, 'cause I figured I knew what it was.  Sure enough...this morning my huge groundhog is sitting in his favorite place sunning and on the fresh pile of dirt on the other side is a much smaller version.  Piled all that dirt right back in the hole, yes sirree, Bob.

Relay for Life held its program in the town square last night.  I rolled in, mighty tired, and saw all the activity but was too tired to satisfy my curiosity as to what was going on.  Walked to the P.O. this morning and saw that the fountain is now on...I am NOT impressed...and found out what had taken place.  Maybe next year.

Waiting for the installation of the water heater.  I've gone from warm to lukewarm, to tepid, to tolerable, and yesterday morning hit the okaaay mark.  The shower (slightly on the cool side) reminded me of my gym showers in jr. and sr. high school.  Come on Mr. Installer.  I just might use up all the hot water, all by myself, when it is hooked up.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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