May 23, 2010

Stop. Look. Listen.

So a horse got loose in my hometown?  Raced its way through upper northwest?  Thought that he was late for the Preakness, perhaps?  They weren't racing but out for an afternoon ride along Lafayette in the Big Rip.  I was doing yard work with my back to the street when I heard clop, clop, clop.  What the...?  Turned to find 4 horses and riders taking a leisurely stroll. All of the horses were black but one had white stockings and one had a white streak in its mane.  Kind of resembled the wig one of my coworkers wore. Wonder if that's where she got the idea?

Rt. 19 is a narrow road with very few major intersections between B'ville and the Big Rip. Maybe two before you get into the heart of the towns.  But it is loaded with driveways and little roads spiraling off into nowhere.  Since it is planting time, there are plenty of tractors and large machinery making their way off of the side roads onto the highway.  Did I mention there is no visibility?  Got to learn to slow down.  Had a few near misses.  Do not think that Abby would survive a collision with one of those vehicles.

I would love to know the altitude of this area.  I know that I can look it up but it wouldn't mean anything to me.   So why do I need to know, you ask?  Because the cloud formations are so low to earth.  I know that we're not on a mountain but they appear to be lower here than in D.C.  And here's the photo of one of the wheat fields which I pass coming and going.  The brilliant green doesn't come through, unfortunately.  Nor does the density.  But it is something to see.  Still disappointed that it doesn't grow as high as I thought.
Corn is starting to pop up and I know that they only put in the seeds a few weeks ago.  Must be all of the rain.  We've had enough for the time being, thank you. 

Speaking of which, rain, that is, our store raised a cool $1K for the associates who were displaced during the floods a few weeks ago.  I'm right proud of my involvement in that. And, now they are asking to raise $4K for the childrens' hospital in the area.  I think someone else needs to step to the plate for that one.  Not taking it on. 

A'nt Haggar's children are the same the world over.  One weekend, I stopped them from picking the mulch out of the bed with my roses in the front.  Why would you come all the way around the corner and decide to mess with it?  The next weekend, they were coming up the hill out back into the yard.  "Go right back."  Then, they're in swim suits in the joke of a fountain on the square. See, when you tell me a fountain, I'm looking for a "real" fountain ('cause we know that D.C. has some spectacular ones), not a few piddling streams of water shooting into the air like a water fountain that is malfunctioning.  And, finally, asked them...okay, TOLD stop rocking a pit bull mix. WHY, Lord?  Why.  The poor little dog, a puppy, looked totally bewildered.  No tags.  Can't somebody keep them under control?

Still shoveling mulch and on the hottest weekend we've had so far.  I have lost my mind.  I still haven't learned to take a page from my neighbors and get out early in the morning.  Mid-day causes heat stroke.  Good grief! Hot as Hades inside and out.  Hair was soaking wet all day.  Dried it so that I could perm it but it was wet within minutes.  The body is radiating heat and the house feels like a sauna.  Enough!  Time for the air.  Ripley Power and Light wins again.  At this rate, I'll be setting the clock for a 4 a.m., wake-up call just to do hair. Aaargh!

Happy belated birthday to all of the May babies, including #1 Son.  Hope it was grand!  Be safe. Be Blessed.

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