May 24, 2010

We've Got a Situation

Should've known something was up when the cop came in and took a quick look around.  "What's he looking for?"  "There's a man hiding in the store."  Really?  Then, over the radio, the store is being evacuated.  EVACUATED??  Guns drawn?  Time to go. 

Folks, that was one of the most unhurried, quiet, evacuations that I have ever been a part of.  See, I've been evacuated from buildings for bomb threats, when the plane flew into the Pentagon (I worked across the street from the White House), and for false fire alarms.  Lots of chatter and hurried steps.  Workplaces were closed down when a sect of Muslims took over the District Building, killing one and wounded several others.  And there are probably other incidents buried deep in my mind but never have I been evacuated because of someone hiding in a building.  And to be evacuated from Wally World???  Please

All traces of being done in by the heat disappeared.  Pocketbook on the shoulder, lunch bag in hand, and a long stride took me up to and through the doors.  See, I do know how to evacuate.  I did remember to look for customers and advise those I met to leave the building.  Police everywhere.  I needed to go to the car, parked at the far end of the lot, because there was no reason for me to hang with the crowd around the doors.  I'd find out what happened later.

No sooner had I reached the car then they sounded the all clear.  Customers went back in and resumed shopping as though nothing had happened.  But, it did, boys and girls.  A coworker's husband went ballistic on her and pulled a knife, threatening to kill her (so it is said).  And it is said that domestic violence is a way of life for him.  Sad situation because she is so sweet.  Time to cut the ties, girlfriend.  There may not be a next time.

Won't be looking or listening to the big tv for a while.  It won't come on.  Question for the electronic wizs out there:  What is the problem?  And, yes, I've checked the plugs.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.