May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Did You Know?
Although Tennessee was a Confederate state, a Federal army at Shiloh was named the Army of the Tennessee. Union forces mostly named their armies after rivers. Confederates named their armies after geographical locations.

No, I didn't know that...and neither did you.  Nor did I know that the Shiloh Battlefield is 2 hours away from me.  One more place to add to the list of places to visit.  Where was I when they taught all of this in my history/geography classes?  Did they leave off the name of the states when they discussed the battles?  Rush through the discussion?  And, now Texas wants to omit all mention of slavery from the text books.  Spare me.  The next generation will know even less of their history than I do and I thought that I was a fairly well-educated person. 

So why am I reaching back a hundred years or so on this weekend?  It wasn't intentional.  It is Memorial Day weekend and my intent was to say "thank you" to all of those who have served to protect our country.  Along the way, I've seen editorial cartoons decrying the way we now observe their sacrifice.  Red tag sales; b-b-ques; cars loaded to the gills with people and things in a rush to get away for the weekend.  Most poignant, I believe, was the one where the little boy, taking his hot dog from the father grilling, asked "How much did this cost?"  The answer appears in the next frame showing rows of tombstones with American flags.  Things which make you go..."hmmmm."  I also ran across an article on the activities at Shiloh which contained the little tidbit above.  But in the context of things, several members of my family served in the military; most returned safely, some did not.  We owe all a debt of gratitude.

And what am I doing this weekend?  Besides being thankful?  A little of this and a little of that.  No road trips.  No grilling.  And I politely declined the invitation to come work for 4 hours on Saturday.  What about the price of gas, 60 miles for 4 hours, don't they understand?  Even though gas prices did not rocket sky high this weekend as it normally does on a holiday weekend, at least make it worth my while. 6 hours?  8?

Seems like, with all the mezillions of crude oil flowing unchecked in the Gulf, the price would have been jacked way up.  Guess someone has a conscience.  And, can you believe that there was no turn off valve?  UNBELIEVABLE!  Naturally, it is Obama's fault...up to him to fix the hole.  Put on your wet suit and take care of it.  When did he become the Messiah?  What do you want him to do that the oil companies cannot?

Saying prayers for those whose loved ones have left them behind.  Praying for a former co-worker whose  act of being "helpful" cost her her job.  Got caught in a sting and sold alcohol to a minor. Took his word and advised him to bring i.d. the next time.  Caught on camera. The rule, clear and simple: no i.d., no alcohol.

Congrats to Mz. T for obtaining a scholarship to Catholic U.  Gonna be a lawyer. You go, girl!  About time we get some "legitimate" legal knowledge in this family.  Lord knows I've paid enough jack-legs in my lifetime. Congrats also to grandson, J.R., on his graduation. Compare to proud papa some 33 years ago.  My, my, how time flies!  

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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