June 13, 2010


A lot happens in two weeks' time.  Like getting a gun--an air rifle, actually.  Watch out Mr. Groundhog!  Of course, I don't know who will move it if I'm lucky enough to hit it.  Squeamish, I am.  Assimilating into my surroundings.  Now all that I need is a pair of overalls and some brogans.  Already missing teeth, so I'm good there. And there is only a scoop, plus some, of mulch left to be spread.  Thanks to the back-breaking labor of SF, who kindly flew in in and took control of the project.  Looking good.  Landscape timbers in place; new border around the flower bed in front of the porch; caladiums (very few) springing up along the fence.  We won't speak about the edging which I spent forever putting out and is, now, mysteriously uprooted and  flattened.  Guess "Yard Man" hit it with the wheels of his mower. Between him, SF, and myself, I have more projects in progress or to be done than the folks on the Gulf Coast.

Worked overnight last Saturday and was wiped out on Sunday.  Not as young as I used to be.  Determined to give SF a taste of southern cuisine and drove back to B'ville on Monday for a stupendous fish plate, only to find that the Taste of New Orleans was closed.  You must be kidding!  Ate barbeque instead.  Not what the taste buds were geared up for. But...the outing gave us an opportunity to check in with the friends at the real estate office where we learned that the good deacon, who did quite a bit of work in Serendipity, had passed.  One of the brokers, a stylish, older woman who wore fantastic jewelry, is now in a nursing home--victim of Alzheimer's.  So sad.  But the news, boys and girls, is that my "friend," Mikey, is in jail, along with his wife.  You remember, he repaired that leak during the early weeks of my moving in and almost burned me out with his slapdash electrical installations.  That's the one. All kinds of rape charges, including statutory rape.  Wife accused of facilitating.  Lawd, lawd.  Going to be in jail a mighty long time.

Came home to find that a gust of wind had hit the umbrella on the patio.  Lifted the cinder blocks and the cement nails that I'd tried to install.  Just ripped them right out of the ground. Goll--eee!  TN gets some mighty winds down here.  Fortunately, the base became entangled in the chairs or it would have blown clear away.  Can repair the rip in the fabric but I'll definitely have to remember to let it down when it's not in use. 

Car flipped over on Rt. 19, slowing down my trip to work the other morning.  Hope he/she wasn't badly hurt but...really!  Couldn't they have flipped after I passed through that section?  You know that I'm moving fast in the morning.  I HATE Rt. 19. 

So to round out the discussion...the ex-Mrs. Gary Coleman hit that man in the head, sure as I'm living.  The circus is awful.  I'll drop that particular train of thought out of political correctness.  Next...the baseball flub.  Come on Sealy, everyone knows the man pitched a perfect game.  Make it right.  And where did they find senatorial candidate, Green, of SC.  Lawd, lawd.  THAT smells to high heaven.  And it is pitifully obvious that he is not in total command of his faculties.  Can you spell F-R-A-U-D?  And the oil that is a gusher!  And not a remedy in sight.  Naturally, the blame is cast upon the shoulders of you know who but I think we can spread this disaster around, starting with those who drilled and managed the operation.  However, somewhere along the line, somebody should have asked how did they intend to shut it off if an accident happened. Hindsight is a bitch.

Been outside digging but that is on hold.  Temperatures are supposed to reach 98 degrees with a heat index of 105.  I think that it has hit that already.  Ripley will get big bucks next month 'cause the air is on--front and back.

Be safe; Be Blessed.

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