July 03, 2010

Death on Aisle 11

Lawd, Lawd. I thought that the folks were joking. Unfortunately, they weren't. A woman, known by several of the employees, was shopping with family members and collapsed, a week ago, last Friday. It was common consensus that she was gone when they flipped her over. The paramedics confirmed the belief when they announced that there was no pulse. So sad. I understand that she'd had serious health issues and had just left the doctor's office. Pray for her family and friends, please.

So we come in on Monday and Bubba, not to be confused with Alpha Male (who was on vacation when it happened),  makes the announcement that he knows who said that if she hadn't been fat and Black, more would have been done for her. Well, Bubba, if you knew who made the announcement and you thought that the statement was out-of-line, etc., you should have pulled them aside and assured them that none of the above was the case. That, as you stated, it is not a part of your makeup; nor does the company operate in that manner. I could care less who said it; however, I think the proper way to have handled the allegations would have been to set the record straight between him and the person. Perhaps it would change that person's perception. It would also be useful for everyone to know that company policy was followed to the letter. 'Nuff said.

Then, exactly a week to the day, an associate dropped at the cash register.  The same scene:  paramedics, police, etc.  Fortunately, she was okay.  She's diabetic and hadn't followed the routine or paid attention to the signs.  Folks have named her "pole dancer" because she was holding onto the pole when she made her descent.  Take care of that sugar, folks.  It is not a disease to play with. 

No rain in the Ripley portion of western TN.  Brownsville got a gusher last week; Ripley got none. Didn't think that I'd be praying for rain but...yup! That's exactly what I'm doing. Watering flowers before I leave in the morning is just not my thing. Not when it means that I've got to get ready by 6 a.m. We know that I enjoy my early morning routine which does not include dragging the hose around. Nor is dragging the hose around when I come in. The temperatures are almost as miserable as they were during my first few months here, three years ago. Almost but not quite. Haven't broke 100...yet. Close.

The "Yard Man" and I are at an impasse. Actually, he's on his way to being fired as soon as I find a replacement. Two notes left expressing what I want done; third visit...nothing changed. I refuse to pay you and then clean up behind you. Not happening.

The crepe myrtles are awesome. The caladiums have sprung up between the hostas.  Had some humongous tiger lilies, about 3-4 feet in height, at one end of the fence. Roses are struggling but blooming.  Glads are up and attracting the "doctor bird."  Look it, up.  I can't tell you everything.  And all of the bushes are totally overgrown and in need of serious trimming.

I'm off to water while it's still cool.  I'll fill you in on the latest training episode when I return.  Be safe. Be Blessed.

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