July 04, 2010

Where is the Red, White, and Blue?

I don't get it.  Truly, I don't.  Tennessee is "The Volunteer State."  Granted only the eastern part of the state was settled but, sheesh, they did participate in the Revolutionary War.  However, celebrating the 4th is not a major thing in these parts.  Cookouts--yes; family reunions--yes.  The red, white, and blue?  Missing.

Even Wally was deficient in decorations.  I had more small flags in my stash at home than they did on the shelves. Had to take in my some of my precious decorations just to give a little flavor to the place.  Good googly moogly!  And you know whose face will be cracked if they are missing or torn up, right?

Now I would think that these little townships would be celebrating. Big time.  Not.  No bunting in sight.  No flags lining the main streets.  No parades with little red wagons.  Concerts.  Not.  And definitely no firework displays. Have to go to the larger cities for that.

Thank God for the veterans who decorated the Memorial Park adjacent to the town square.  And, of course, Missy has flags on display out front. 

Hope your 4th is absolutely magnificent. Enjoy the card of the month by clicking on the image.  Love Jacquie Lawson.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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