July 15, 2010

A Stallion, Ducks, and...Chiggers?

I saw a Stallion today and it was absolutely beautiful.  I could just see me riding on it or having it at Serendipity.  Guess you think that I've been here too long if I'm entertaining thoughts of horses...Guess again!  I'm talking mechanical horses; not horseflesh.  Take a look at this:
The one I saw was a beautiful red and didn't have the cover as pictured above.  It's a trike and I could definitely get into this!

Ducks at the Peabody Hotel have entertained the masses for 77 years.  In fact, they may be the main reason for coming to the Peabody...aside for its opulence, of course.  They descend from their rooftop penthouse, walk down a red carpet and hop into the fabulous fountain the lobby.  Well, walk is a little bit of a stretch. See, they waddle down the red carpet at a mad dash and if you missed them. So that explains why I do not have a picture of my own to show you.  They were almost in the fountain by the time I pressed the button and, of course, the battery was gone.  I'm sharing a photo "lifted" from the Peabody site:
Talking about "best laid plans" and I had planned that outing almost to the moment.  Didn't check the battery, however.  Nor can I account for the fact that we were "lost" in the hotel parking garage.  Meaning that you have to pay before going back to your car but it took a long time to find the exact whereabouts of the machine which dispenses the ticket for you to leave the garage.

And the chiggers?  Got a good case of them.  The folks at work are dying laughing at the "city girl" because she didn't know what the hell they were or how to get relief. Still having a problem with the relief end of it but go ahead, ask me about chiggers.  'Cause you know that I came right home and googled it, right?  Nasty little suckers.  Seems like this is the season for them because the pharmacy is all out of Chigger Rid or whatever it is called.  "Use clear nail polish on each area.  Smothers them."  Great.  Boys and girls, I have used all of my clear nail polish and ready to move to the colors. And, like chicken pox, scratching only makes it worse. Ugh!

Had two unexpected visitors while sitting on the porch with SF.  Uninvited, they came right up and made themselves at home.  Two black and white mutts, Mutt and Jeff.  Mutt was a scraggly, tiny little half-breed of unknown origin.  Ugly and dirty.  The heat had him/her panting so badly until you saw every tooth in its head.  Deranged-looking.  Jeff is the mixed pit-bull who is rocked by everybody, children and adults.  With Mutt's fierce teeth and Jeff's mixed parentage, I was apprehensive about their blocking any means of escape but they were just checking out the neighborhood, introducing themselves, as it were.  Stayed a little bit and moved on like "good neighbors." 

That's a wrap from Serendipity.  Be safe. Be Blessed.

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kevin said...

See if you have followed the lessons and showed hospitality they may have stayed and taken care of your other problems or been a good deterrent