September 16, 2010

All Over the Map

Starting with the recent elections on Tuesday. Thank you, Washington, D.C., for dumping that #### Adrian Fenty. THANK YOU for coming to your senses. I was still in D.C., when he was elected and couldn't believe that my fellow Washingtonians bought into him. Arrogant to the max! Don't know if Vincent Gray is any better, he has a ton of baggage, but anybody but Fenty!!! Hallelujah!

Traveling up the road to Delaware...what the hell were they thinking in nominating the Palin-wanta-be? Has anybody checked her record? OMG!  Pat Buchanan, who still lives in the days when he was a Nixon speech writer,  has been exposed as a dirty old man. If a female nominee is 1/8 per cent attractive, he is all over her. I don't see him fawning over similar loons such as Sharon Angle, in Nevada. Certified. As is this woman who is gushing "ya betcha" all over the place and creating words..."unfactual." 

Gail...hello???  The Empire State's governor-elect sends racist emails and porn, including bestiality, to people and does NOT find it offensive?  What's going on up there?

Congratulations to Senator-elect Joanne Benson.  You'll be great!  She's a wonderful person.  Senator Currie...I'm praying for you.  Perhaps they'll think you're too old to go to jail.  Worked for both of them in a former life. 

Moving on to sports for a moment.  Ray Lewis, don't be so mean!  Good grief, did you see that hit in the 4th quarter against the Jets?  The man outdid himself.  My beloved 'Skins sent the crybaby Cowboys packing on opening night on national television.  Granted, it wasn't the prettiest game but a win is a win.  Beating Dallas makes the next day oh, so much better!  Yeah, baybee!

Reggie Bush, it breaks my heart to say it, but you did the right thing in giving back the Heisman Trophy.  So what punishment does the agent get?  The one who gave his family the money while he was in college?  And to even think about Vincent Young taking the trophy as a consolation prize (he was the runner-up) is an insult.  Give me a break! 

Tennessee invites you to "Come on down."  They are mounting an advertising piece touting the benefits of living here.  No state taxes, mild winters (I'm not sure that I agree with their definition of "mild"), scenic views (definitely), and on and on. 

I just learned that Brownsville has a logging mill or whatever.  This is the first year that I've seen trucks loaded with timber heading up 19 and wondered where they were going.  Now I want to know where they are clearing all of these massive trees.

I also learned that there is a plant in Toone, outside of Memphis, which makes ammunition, flares, etc.  It had a flash fire the other day in which several people died or were critically injured.  Several of the Wally folks have friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., who work there.  It was a tense time as they waited to learn the outcome.

Mike Shaw beat the rape charge.  Case dismissed. Hmmm.  Understand that he intends to leave the community.  Hard to stay.  Even harder to go. Lost his home and car.   He was barely eking out a living before the charges.  How he will resettle is a mystery.  Don't think he'll go far.

Finally, a small memorial  appeared on the highway just inside the Haywood County line.  Thought perhaps there had been an auto accident.  19, for the umpteenth time, is treacherous.  NOT.  The young man was gunned down in the ditch.  By his cousin.  Lawd, Lawd.  His mother came through while the police had the area cordoned off but didn't learn until later that the scene which she saw was the place of her son's death. How awful.

Off to Wally.  It's been a busy week.  More on that later.  Stay safe.  Be Blessed.

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