September 18, 2010

ENOUGH, Already!

You have three children, ages 1, 2, and 3, and you want "at least one more."  You just turned 20. You have FOURTEEN children, ages from 1 to 14 (yep, sequential--no breaks in-between), and this is your first job?  You have 7 boys and hang in the sandwich shop all day until your shift.  Dressed to the nines; provocatively, some might say.  Who's taking care of the kids?  You were attending college.  Now you are pregnant for a Mama's boy who has NEVER had a job.  Who will support him, you, and the baby when his parents are no longer able to?

People, we are not talking about the rich and famous here.  Nor are we talking about people who own land, their home, their car. We're talking about young men and women who cannot support families of this size but continue to reproduce. We're talking about people who can barely scrape two nickels together and live between payday and payday loans.  Times are tough out here.  Haven't they heard?  Do they know what causes babies?  So, a little public dole and family largess is all that is needed? Give me a break!

Theft is rampant at the store and the police show up on your doorstep?  Next time you even see anybody suspicious; i.e., those you know are involved, get thee away from the area!  Common sense rules.  And the next time the police show up on your doorstep, call a lawyer.  Libel, slander, defamation of character, something. 

You want to leave your position...start something new.  A new job, your own business, something.  Make the plan; send out the resume.  But stop wasting my time.  I'm free with information and have given you all I can.  Get up and do something!  I'm trying to figure out how to make it through the end of my days.

Speaking of which...the newspaper is advertising for someone.  Should I send in the resume?  Would I ever love working next door.  Think I might. 

Stay safe.  Be Blessed.


Sage Secrate said...

This is so true, thank you for speaking the truth !

GailTravel said...

Gwen is at it again...preachin' da truth!!