September 11, 2010


Confirmed that June through August holds the record for the second hottest summer in this area since 1850. I just know that it was hot as hell.  The air conditioners have been running non-stop.  Fortunately, the electric bills haven't been as devastating as the winter bills are.  Steep but manageable.

Confirmed that the folks in this area have no concept of seafood.  Why would I say that?  When Red Lobster is your idea of great seafood.  Oh, Lawd!  But when there are NO seafood restaurants around, I guess it can be excused.

Confirmed that I am a city girl through and through.  There are three bushes in the yard which I have identified as everything but what they are.  And...each identification has been dead wrong.  While trimming one last weekend, I noticed what looked like a miniature apple.  Apples grow on trees, don't they?  This is a bush.  So I carry my prize into work.  Surely someone knows.  NOT.  People who live in the country are calling it a peach???  The skin is smooth. People, even I know that peaches are fuzzy.  Finally make it to the garden center where it is cut open and proclaimed an apple.  I'm not satisfied.  So a search of Google brings up a more likely suspect--quince.  I do believe that I have flowering quince bushes.  Makes more sense than apples.

Confirmed that the National Civil Rights Museum is a must-see whenever you're in Memphis.  The Lorraine Hotel is a part of the complex as is the boarding house where James Earl Ray fired the shot which killed Dr. King.  An amazing display of exhibits including the exploded bus of the Freedom Riders and more.  Informative, educational, and for those of my age, bring back memories long forgotten. When we reached the exhibit about the March on Washington, the day of the "I Have a Dream" speech, I remembered gathering at the Stevenson home with others to watch it on tv.  Why didn't I attend?  Our parents were afraid that trouble would erupt and would not allow it.  And, was it ever hot that day.  Too much to be taken in on one visit, particularly when it is mobbed as it was the day I visited.  Your emotions are on a see-saw ranging from pride, to sadness, to raging anger. It was again confirmed that in another time, I would have been one of the field hands (being politically correct here) plotting escape,an uprising, something. Loved the bookstore.  Will surely return.

It is also confirmed that a visit to Neely's, of Food Network fame, is a good move.  The ribs are great. I was looking for a more varied menu since they have several locations and cookbooks, etc., but I was happy with the serving.  Look forward to going there again. 

Be safe. Be Blessed.

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