August 29, 2010

Taking Stock

What's happening in your end of the world?  We've had a few "cool" days, meaning that the temp was low 90s rather than high.What a difference a few degrees make. 

We're gearing up for inventory.  And cutting hours.  Makes more sense to me to have people work a full 8 rather than 4 this day and 4 on another.  Eats up gas and doesn't make for happy people.  Oh, well.  And thefts continue.  Our ace security is racking up big numbers in apprehensions but the stealing goes on.  Hmmm. 

Please pray for the Childress family. Paul, my Realtor's husband, lost his tremendous struggle with cancer this week. She is devastated although she thought she'd prepared herself.  Sounds good but, in truth, not so easy to do.  They'd been married for almost as long as I am old.  Married in '53.  The service was totally different from those that I'm accustomed to attending but the components were the same. Lasted one hour on the dot. No choir/s but very talented and gifted pianists.  A video of Amazing Grace, performed by Il Divo, which was absolutely beautiful and a favorite of Paul's.   Amazing Grace  Take a listen, I'm sure that you'll agree.  When the congregation was asked to sing "I'll Fly Away," as the final song, I was reminded of  Deaconess Charlotte Daniels and her rendition.  The church is a block away so I toddled my way to and fro. I haven't had on heels in when? Lawd a mercy, felt (and probably looked) like I was just learning to walk in them.  I'm just thankful that I could still put heels on after wearing tennis shoes virtually nonstop.

Took the riding mower for a spin.  It does have a mind of its own.  My foot was never far from the brake pedal.  Intended to break out the weed whacker but it started misting. Time to put things away for another day.  Doesn't look bad. 

The wheat and corn crops are history.  It's cotton-picking time. The bolls are starting to open and I see machinery in the fields.  Last year, they opened very late with the harvesting (is that the right word...I'm still a city girl) being done in late November and December.  My farmer friend said that it has been too hot and not enough rain so that the crop is early but will be a poor grade.  My, my.  Thank goodness that I'm not depending on raising crops for a living.

And now for my political viewpoint:  I CANNOT believe that I actually watched Glen Beck when he had a show on CNN or Lou Whathisname, either. They both seemed sane at that time but now?  OMG!  Talking about spewing hate and getting rich while doing it.  Married 3 times and a recovering alcoholic, preaching about morals?  Give me a break!  If you look at the fine print on the notice for his rally concerning the money to be donated to soldiers' families, the money will be donated AFTER all expenses are paid.  Really?  $1, maybe?  And to start talking about being God-directed?  He should have been struck by lightning!  But just tell me this, 'cause inquiring minds want to know, where do folks get all this money to travel to see Palin and Beck?  I can't go across the street without checking my account 3 or 4 times.  What's the trick? 

That's about it from my neck of the woods.  Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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