August 22, 2010

Just Saying

This small town of less than 8,000 people has got to rank along with all of the big cities in terms of corruption, larceny, etc.  As a matter of fact, if it were a big town, the investigations would be non-stop.  Of course, everyone bitches about the lack of progress, the corruption, ineptitude, etc., and what did they do?  Voted the entire slate of incumbents back into office .  Talking about being satisfied with the status quo.  The only thing that they did do was vote down the proposed change to the power company. 

So, I decided to get my passport renewed...ya' never know...and the State Department's website listed the county courthouse as the place to go with all of the documents.  Couldn't renew by mail because my passport was older than dirt.  The first order of business: get passport photos.  OMG!  No way was I going to use those!  Lightbulb--you have photos from pre-TN, showing you at your best (hah), resize and use those.  Not happening.  Plus they want photos within the last 6 months.  So, off to the Ripley Wally to get another set.  Boys and girls...not much better and I'd put on makeup and earrings. Talking about a wake-up call!  The camera was definitely seeing what the mirror isn't showing.  Off to the courthouse.  "Oh, they moved that service to the justice center on 51."  Really.  Don't you think they just might want to inform the State Department? 

Now, it is hotter than hell; I've waited two hours in Wally for a 15-minute-process; and I'm in famished.  Pull into the justice center's lot, where the sherrif's department is thoroughly going over this couple's car.  Don't ask me why.  Inside and directed to the right office--home of the circuit court judge. 

Passport fees went up in June.  Okay.  "Can't use that form.  It was printed on-line and not the right one."  On closer inspection, it was determined that they were one and the same.  Seems they both carried the same form number.  Turned over the despicable photos, old passport, driver's license, and check.  "Oh, there's a $20 processing fee. Make the check out to Richard Jennings."  Listen, children...just the thought of a processing fee made out, not to the county, city, state, U.S. of A, but to an individual makes the hackles rise.  What is the fee for, I asked.  And where is the listing showing the charges.  Now, you know that I'm the only speck in the building other than inmates and these southern gals were not happy with the questioning.  The gall of me!  And if that weren't enough, why would I make the comment that if they added any more fees, it would be cheaper to drive to D.C.  Lawd, Lawd.  Talking about necks turning red.  So...if the fees go into the county coffers...why is the check made out to an individual?  Who, naturally,  is related to all of the old money in the area. Guess my passport will be sitting a while.  Thank goodness, I don't need it.    But you do know that I will be checking the web site to see if additional fees are allowed, don't you?  And just how many passports do they issue around here?  Very few have been outside of TN; some not even to Memphis, 60 miles away.   And the fees? The cost of the envelope, stamp, the form (which I brought with me), their time. Give me a break!

I understand that 60 Minutes is in town doing a story on the high unemployment, etc.  This should be interesting.  No one knows when the spot will air.  Here's hoping that it doesn't hit the cutting room floor.

Work is coming along on the addition to the library.  It appears that it will be a separate building connected to the existing building by a walkway.  What do I know?  And, it is said that the licenses for all three liquor stores are owned by the same person.  She then allows others to run the business, presumably taking a cut of the proceeds.  This happens in larger areas as well, along with hack licenses, etc.  Why am I surprised?

And finally, a section of I-40 has been renamed the Isaac Hayes Memorial Highway.  Isn't that great?

So this is what I want to hear from you--what's your opinion on the proposed mosque in NYC,   Dr. Laura's rant, and more important--whether the press treated Alicia Keys and Fantasia Barrino's adulterous affairs differently because of their skin color?  Keys vs Barrino    I know.  Who really gives a damn? 

Waiting to hear from you.  Be cool. Be Blessed.

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