August 15, 2010

Nothing But Hot Air

Seriously.  Hot air is the only thing that is blowing around these parts.  The fan and air conditioners are running fine; however, the air is HOT!  Lawd a mercy.  I'm thinking about sitting in the refrigerator...not in front  Just think.  In a few months, we will be moaning about the cold. And, I heard on a news clip that we are advised to start adjusting to hotter temperatures during the warm months.  Who said that there was no global warming?

Well, sistah girl got those damned files boxed and out.  Took several overnight stints from which I am finally recovering; a wrenched knee; and a strained back but the files are gone! I am entirely too old for this foolishness! The good thing is that next year, when we have to send out more records, everything will be in the right box and correctly labeled.  Hallelujah.

So here is what has happened since I last posted:  Saw Mike and wife and he is confident that they will be alright.  "She was just mad because we stopped spending money on her."  Hmmm.  So they are demanding a lie detector test which is a joke because the results aren't admissible in TN courts.  Why bother?  And he looks bad (she hasn't dropped a pound, however) and the son looks like a keen-faced loon.  Forgive me, Father.

Still dragging the hose around at the break of dawn, only to return in the evening to find that the flowers are wilted...again.  Fired yard man.  Came home to a lawn that was a disgrace.  All I needed was a hay baler and I would have been in business.  Hired the Realtor's son and he didn't show on the appointed date or the next day.  Could have/should have called, or left a note.'s the solution:
Boys and girls, when you don't have a truck, you do what you got to do.  You will never believe the amount of traffic on this street (which is a major street) that particular afternoon.  Every car in the Big Rip was on the road.  Any other time, you'd pass a car every now and then.  Not that day.  A two-mile-drive from store to house and the looks on the folks' faces...priceless.

So we visited the Staxx Museum and had a ball looking at old clips, costumes, and hearing the history.  They didn't have the number of artists that Motown did but who can forget Rufus "Walking the Dog" Thomas, his daughter, Carla ("Gee Whiz"), Booker T and MG's, the Madd Lads and, of course, "Black Moses" aka Isaac Hayes.  Man oh man!  Wait until you catch a load of his pimp mobile, trimmed in gold, on display.  Baby Brother, you will love that walk back in time.  Not to mention the numerous cds available for sale.  Bring money! 

Off to the Four-Ways restaurant, a favorite of Dr. Martin Luther King's.  And I know why.  Lawd, Lawd, was the food divine, or what?  Fresh greens?  Oh, Lawd! The proprietor, Willie Bates, talks more than I do and that's going some.

Didn't get the job at the prison.  That's fine.  I really don't want to work in that environment.  Too scared. So after three years of drought, I'm getting job interviews from the state on a weekly basis.  Most are located in Memphis.  Three years ago, I'd have driven to Nashville and back on a daily basis.  Now?  I don't want to drive 120 miles, daily, for the same amount of money I'm making now.

Wally is Wally and my babies aren't listening.  Wally will catch you stealing its merchandise and they will prosecute.  As evidenced by the arrest of one of my baby boys.   There is nothing worth stealing in that store. And you're going to steal tires and you don't have a car???!!!!   IDIOT!  "Just trying to make the hustle."  IDIOT!  Marched him right out in handcuffs and "threw him in the back of the car like he was a sack of potatoes."  So the folks want to know why wasn't he taken out the back like they do some others?  Making an example and humiliation, pure and simple. No love lost between him, the AP, and the assistant mgr.  IDIOT!!!  You knew that they'd been dogging you for everything. IDIOT!

Happy B'day to all my Leos. And in case you're wondering, the phone line was cut during some repairs and hasn't been fixed yet.   Leaving you with a laugh:

Stay cool. Be Blessed.

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