September 25, 2010


Every shelf which I put up; every curtain/drapery rod; every hook; too many politicians; too many ministers; too many business owners; too many people stealing my internet signal...can I stop now?

I've spent the last few weekends trying to redo my den/office/computer room.  Talking about a frustrating experience.  It had been noted, with shaking heads, that the mammy-made shelving would fail; i.e., collapse under the weight and poor execution of design.  In other words, my attempt to install a shelving system was piss-poor.  So, the light bulb went off and I industrially purchased bookcases to replace the shelves.  Have I mentioned that I can't count?  Or, that I neglect to measure carefully when embarking on my projects?  Three bookcases measure 90 inches across...I had about 70 inches of space on one wall; 60 on the other.  No problem.  I can put one in the adjoining hallway.

After tearing down the original shelving and  backbreaking assembly (my knees will not tolerate kneeling on the floor), I realized that 5-foot-cases just get swallowed up.  Light bulb!  Put short bookcases on top of them.  Back to the store.  Easier said than done when you are a work crew of one.  But mission accomplished. Not bad...a little gap but not bad. 

Now for the other side.  And the nightmare begins; the idea is not working.  Why, Missy?  Because I measured wrong, as usual, in addition to installing the outside set of cases first.  AAARGH!  The third mistake (which was a good idea) was to hang the short bookcase (after having to deal with assembling and moving three tall ones) first, then slide the tall bookcase under it.   Sounds like a plan. Only thing is I hung it 1/2 inch too low.  AAARGH!  So I raise it to the right height (I'm struggling here), empty out the case in the hallway, start to move it and it falls apart.  That's fine; part of it is usable won't fit into the space.  What the hell?  60 inches divided by 2 equals 30 inches, right?  Yep...just as long as you account for the baseboard trim in your measurement. Good grief.  So now I am working on my umpteenth adaptation of the plan and getting mighty sick and tired of crooked stuff.

Okay, I'm not going to dwell on Bishop Long, reserving judgment, but I'm speaking out loud and clear on those congressmen who awarded their family members scholarships from the Congressional Black Caucus.  One is not talking; the other is talking too much.  She felt the forms were ambiguous...didn't realize that family members were not eligible.  REALLY?  If you don't understand the wording which clearly states who and who is not eligible, then you surely can't understand the process on Capitol Hill.  Maybe that's why we're in such a mess.

I've already ranted about the business owners who are "too big too fail" but deem themselves "small business" owners.  Check the blog giving the link to Countdown's expose, if you missed it.  (And did I misspell naivete, or what?)

And the laugh is on the kid who, looking out of the window, wondered why this young lady was walking around the parking lot with her laptop open.  Stealing my signal.  The next weekend, a couple had a picnic in the parking lot while the young lady (different one) sat on her trunk.  Stealing my signal.  Get out of here!  Why don't I just invite you in?

Tired of this crooked stuff.  Be safe.  Be Blessed!


GailTravel said...

Girl you need to install some security so your signal is not stolen. I know everytime somoeone tries to get my signal.
Eddie Long? Lets see about that. Funny how his office was broken into a few weeks before this but not much is being said about it.
Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships? No wonder none of my 3 sons was able to get a scholarship!

DCnTN said...

Break-ins aren't as salacious as this and don't boost ratings or sales.