October 02, 2010


When you have just been "quick-changed" by the customer, do not shake his hand...or take a tip. Seems like  several thieves are striking unsuspecting cashiers and fleecing Wally out of its cash.  No problem with being caught, shaking his hand was a courtesy, but...did you have to take the tip???  I guess you missed the section in orientation about "gifts" (tips falling under that category) or you weren't listening. Probably the latter.

It is officially fall and the calendar says that it is the end of September.  Warm days, cool nights.  Brilliant "summer whites" need to be put away for next year; we're into "winter whites," now.  Tip to Mr. and Miz Fireplug:  when your behind is the size of a mini-trailer, bright white, form-fitting capris, are not for you.  Mr. Fireplug, the matching "white on white" attire is a bit much for middle-aged men.  Aren't the "white only" events were usually held at night, ya' know--at the club? church?

Tip:  do not walk up to someone who is at work and inform them that their mother died that morning.  Also, if you get a call that your parents' home is on fire, leave work now...not several hours later.  Especially when they are in Memphis and don't know that it has burned down.  No, there is nothing that you can do but being on the scene, talking to the firemen, etc., while waiting for them to make that 2-hour trip, would be nice. 

Tip to the youngsters:  Do not ask for time off and you haven't been on the job a week.  And...after your days are switched to meet your needs, please show up on the scheduled day.  The excuse that your car broke down in Mississippi on the way back or your mother's phone call doesn't cut it.  Further, you should have left the night before to make sure that you'd be back on time.  Oh, and the grill?  If it is removable, then it doesn't belong on the job.  Who came up with that silly idea, anyway?

Tip to self:  Don't leave anything out in the garage. And make sure the locks are locked.  Can you believe that they took the hasp lock to the storage area (lock wasn't closed) and the one that was left in package?  Geez!  Thank you for not taking any of the yard tools.

So, boys and girls, in the interest of educating those far and near, let me tell you that cotton is selling for $1 or more a pound.  The highest that it has been in some years.  Why does it matter?  Let me put it into perspective.  There are approximately 13 to 15 bales (a bale equaling 480 pounds) in a module of cotton. Approximately $7,200 dollars. 

Now I'm doing quick math as I drive 19--4 modules = $28,800; 14 modules = $100,800.  Good googly moogly!  No wonder cotton is planted right up to the house!  Not an inch of land goes without some crop being planted.  How much cotton can I grow on my little plot?  Better yet, I need a gunny sack and one of those poles used to pick up trash.  I bet that I can gather several pounds from along side of the highway, gathering the cotton that has blown off the huge trucks going to the gins.  Always looking for a side job. :-)

And many thanks to sweetmamapam who included an overview of the ginning process on her blog.  Now I don't need to visit one of the many gins in the area. Other than to see it in person, that is.  Click on the link, she gives an excellent, easy to understand explanation.

Prayers for my friends Sherry and Beverly as they recover from their illnesses.  Prayers for Glenda on the loss of her mother.  Happy Belated Anniversary wishes to my #1 son and daughter-in-law.  Belated birthday wishes to the September babies. Off to do yard work.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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