October 31, 2010


"I'm a truck driving, gospel preaching, Bible reading, shotgun shooting, tax cutting, crime fighting, family loving, country boy."  Get the message?  This "good old country boy" hit all the right buttons in soliciting your vote.  So that's the message for today...GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

"Well, Missy, it's not a presidential campaign.  My vote won't matter."  Yes, it will.  And if you don't, I don't want to hear you when all progress comes to a stop or is overturned.

Let's take a good look at what this administration has done for you.  Let's start with your paycheck.  Did you notice that you are taking home more money than you were before?  Lower payroll taxes.  Hallelujah!  Part of that "failed stimulus plan."  Not as splashy as that one-time check from the Bush administration (if you qualified) but is the impact longer-lasting?  I think so.  You can't even remember what you did with that check...can you?

And ladies...what about the equal pay bill?  Hello?  Oh, and the health care bill that is touted as the worst piece of legislation ever?  I have a coworker who has put off her mammogram until January because then it will be "free."  In other words, she won't have to pay for it.  I have another coworker who has a child with a preexisting condition and it is a permanent one.  Covered.  Another has a college student who is now covered under her plan.  Another is 19 and can now be covered under his mother's plan.  And the list goes on.  Bad legislation?  I don't think so. 

Speaking of the "failed stimulus plan," how many teachers, law enforcement officers, etc., were able to retain their jobs because of money funneled to their state?  How many of you, or those whom you know, took advantage of the "cash for clunkers" program?  Or the one to replace major appliances?  Hello?  Failed?  Not.  And for you credit card holders, tell me that you are not pleased with the reforms in that arena.  Students can now get larger Pell Grants and don't have to go through a middle man for their student loans.  And for my HBUCs, increased funding.

So, tell me boys and girls, did you expect the country to return to its glory days the minute, the moment, the hour, 44 took office?  It has been less than two years and he has accomplished quite a bit, even given the noncooperation of the minority party. Just take a look for yourself: Obama's Accomplishments  It's broken up into 5 parts, you might be able to find a complete listing elsewhere, but this will serve as a starter.  And when you've finished reading it, after you've said "WOW, I didn't know that," share it with some other nay-sayer or fence-sitter. 

And you want to say that he's arrogant?  Hello????  I told you that when he was running for president.  He didn't change overnight.  And do you really give a damn if he's arrogant as long as he is doing his job?  And doing it well?  Hell no, you don't.  Get off it.

"Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around.  Gonna keep on a-walking, keep on a-talking...."  And you don't let anybody turn you around, either.  GET OUT and VOTE, damn it!  And take somebody with you.

Be Safe.  Be Blessed.

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