October 31, 2010

TN Sights

Not preaching in this post (though I still want you to get out and vote) but sharing with you sights from around the area.  Yeah, I heard you say "thank goodness."  There is nothing wrong with my hearing, thank you. :-)

It's mighty hard to take pictures while you're driving (not too say dangerous) but I wanted you to see how the cotton gins look at this time of the year.  This is a view of the Nutbush Gin, Tina Turner's hometown, going south to the Big Rip. The cotton to the left is raw, fresh in from the fields.  The neat packages to the right are the finished product. 

While washing Abby a few weekends ago, do not drop dead from shock, I heard a strange whooshing noise.  Looking up, to what did my wondering eyes appear?  That's right, a hot-air balloon!  Get out! Over the Big Rip?  Ran right in the house and got the camera.  Now, it wasn't that close to the house and it was pretty high, but daughter-in-law, this camera ROCKS!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get photos of the church's annual Harvest Celebration or Halloween Celebration or whatever it was.  Why not, you ask?  Because I was painting and every time I ran out to grab a picture, I was too late.  Use your imagination.  This year, for the little kiddies, there was the addition of a motorized train which gave a merry toot as it motored around the neighborhood streets.  There was also the tractor and flatbed loaded with hay which took a similar route.  And there was the matched set of white mules (or gray) which pulled a wagon filled with hay.  Have to give credit to the members of the church who spent the whole day driving in circles when they could have been doing something else. 

Not wishing you a happy Halloween but wish you a safe one.  Be Blessed.

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