November 21, 2010

Has It Been a Month?

Oh, dear, I can't believe that almost an entire month has gone by without my weighing in with opinions, observations, and the like.  Since I turned another year older, my memory is not quite as good as it used to be so bear with me while I dredge up old facts.

But let me catch you up on the birthday celebration.  By now you should know that I DO NOT work on  my birthday.  Nope.  Sorry.  Not done.  This vacation was well-earned, anticipated, and put in for months in advance.  So where did I go?  Nowhere exotic but fun all the same.  Spent a few days golfing and gambling in Tunica, MS, just over the state line.  Haven't had a golf club in my hands in years but my "game" has not deteriorated.  All that means is that I didn't get any worse than I was the last time that I was on a course.  LOL.  And the new clubs are great.  Just might make it to the public course on a regular basis in the spring.

And did I eat or what?  Paula Dean's is hazardous to your health.  Lawd, Lawd.  We ate so much the first night until we were miserable and that is sad.  We were told that the buffet at Fitz's, a Black-owned casino (didn't know that there was such a thing) was better.  N--O--T!  I've had better at a "greasy spoon" and... they took all of my money.   So back to Paula Dean's.  Oh, my.  Went to Tunica's Blue and White restaurant where, we were also told, we would find a fabulous Sunday buffet.  N--O--T!  But they did have homemade yeast rolls which dredged up memories of those that my mother made when I was small.  Man...they were the best!

Then my brother and Midgie came in for a few days.  Took the tour at Alex Haley's home, in Henning.  Really interesting. He is buried there.  Back to Paula's.  She has become my very best friend. Really enjoyed their stay.  Looking forward to the return visit. 

So, what do I want to opine about?  The Republican-Tea Party tsunami, for one.  Did you vote?  Apparently not.  Pray for 44, please.  Better yet, pray for me, 'cause I don't have the high-mindedness and class which he exudes.  I am sick and tired of the disrespect and contempt which is so blatantly displayed.  Which leads to the question...would this be done if he were white?  Hmmm.  Like to get your thoughts on that one.

Then there is the move to dump the current police chief of my adopted "home town."  I don't have an opinion on that one other than to say that someone needs to let him know that if the chief of a metropolitan area with .5 million people can respond to a letter, then he can respond to a population of 7,000.

And thank you 'Skins for winning over the Titans today 'cause you were awful (and that is an understatement) on Monday night.  My coworkers and even those no longer employed w/Wally were only too happy to call me out.  But giving credit where credit is due...Mike Vick was awesome!!!  It was his night and that's all there is to that.

On to Charley Rangel.  Charley, Charley, charlatan.  Please, darlin', we love you, but this behavior is just a little too much.  44 suggested that you resign with dignity and you snapped.  Should've taken the whippersnapper's advice.

Oh, and Jack Johnson?  He and his wife are forever etched in infamy for the $80,000 cash stuffed in her bra.  All of y'all going to jail.

And, finally, the Big Rip is dressed for the holidays.  Looking good. 

Happy Birthday to my Scorpios!  You rock!  Check out Wally's fantastic sales Holiday Sales  for Thursday (online), Friday, and Saturday.   I will, of course, be working.  Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

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