December 24, 2010

Holiday Season--II

So here I am, in outfit #2  (that midriff has GOT to go), one half of the head curled; the other half as flat as a pancake.  It would not curl for anything.  Alright, ladies, I know Murphy's law concerning the hair.  Unless professionally done, you can bet that it will mess up when you need to look good. It has rocked for Wally; why mess up now?   For those that haven't seen me in while, I don't do makeup regularly anymore so it was hit or miss.  I guess it was okay 'cause SF didn't recoil with horror.

Fortunately, for once, I knew where I was going.  Zipped up, parked, and prayed that we were not the last ones to arrive.  We were.  Everyone was seated for dinner.  And we had to go to the back table, past all those inquiring eyes.  "Who are they?"  AAARGH!

Everyone is busy introducing themselves...and the names are flying right out of my head.  The woman to my right asked the inevitable: "Where are you from?"  Ripley, well, actually from D.C., but living in Ripley.  And then she says: "Unbelievable."  Over and over again.  I've heard remarks such as "Why did you move to Ripley?" or "What on earth possessed you to move to Ripley?" but "unbelievable" was a new one.  I was getting a little concerned because I knew that I didn't know her and then she let me know that she was following my blog.  We had a big laugh over that.  The likelihood of my running into someone, here, who follows my missives to the folks back home is slim next to none. Unbelievable. And, she is a soror.  Hey, skee wee! I have not forgotten to call.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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