December 24, 2010

Holiday Season

Wally spreads cheer among its staff in different ways. Some receive a monetary bonus but all receive a holiday meal. Ours was held last week and I'm still recuperating.  Alpha Male had a budget (naturally) and we put together the same menu and vendors from last year, cutting down the order a little because of the waste we had before, and adding a different meat to satisfy those tired of turkey.  Never can get enough fried chicken.

Don't even think about putting me on the cash register 'cause I'm throwing a party.  You know that Missy just loves to organize. Scavenging for decorations; enlisting help to hang, move, hold, pin. Made little centerpieces for the tables, incorporating mints, and big ones for the food tables.  Those on the table started losing mints piece by piece but still looked presentable on the big day.  Folks were given the option to bring their favorite dish and did they step up! We had homemade caramel cake, coconut cake, chocolate cake, chocolate mice (they are the cutest little things), sweet and sour green beans (the bomb), fresh greens (the cook put both feet in those), and more.  I made an orange cheesecake which turned out just like the picture and tasted good, too. But they worked me, boys and girls.  I mean they worked me right into the ground.  When I left, I felt as though the lower portion of my back had been removed.  Screaming pain.  Isn't it funny that when you are doing something like that, that you are able to work all day, stand on your feet, and never feel it until the event is over?

Hobbled into work the next day, only to be put on the cash register and do clean-up duty.  Oh...and shuttle back and forth putting out of the leftovers, etc.  "Where are the forks?"  Well, good grief!  We are one of the smallest stores in the market but it is a BIG store when you're walking it.  My back is killing me but it is the last day of the workweek and I have a party to go to!  All hopes of getting the hair, nails and toes done are out of the window.  Well, fortunately, I know how to do the above and the plane bearing SF is due in around 2.  I've got plenty of time.  Right.  Two "p's" came into play: pain and procrastination.  See the pain was so bad until I hit the bed instead of doing the necessary pickup and prep. 

Stiff and sore the next morning but I've got to get cracking.  The contractor promised to lay the floor and spray paint the back porch; however, everything needed to be cleared. We are definitely not on the same calendar because when he said a warm day, I assumed he meant soon. I now think he means May. Everything was haphazardly boxed and brought into the kitchen and dining room.  Now it's got to be moved back out 'cause SF is not inclined to step over boxes.  I've been painting between sorry football games but it is going slowly. So in addition to the pickup routine, I've got to move these heavy-ass boxes. 

SF keeps me updated about his arrival.  Plane problems in the east.  Bad weather; plane delays.  With each phone call, I calculate time and what I can get done with the extra hour.  When he announced that the ETA was 3:30, it became crystal clear that the hair needed to be done because there would be no time to do it when we got back to the Big Rip.  Well, it is perm time.  Slapped it in.  Washed and dryed.  It is 2:30; I'm an hour and a half drive away from the airport.   Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 

So I pull into the airport a little after 4.  We hit the Big Rip at 5:30.  Got to curl hair, put on makeup,  and change clothes.  Did I mention that the affair started at 6?  And that I am 30 minutes (driving fast) from B'ville?   Lawd, Lawd.  We were well past arriving "fashionably late."  We were embarrassingly late. Almost as late as I was for my wedding.  Guess I'll be late for my funeral, too. What a hell of an impression to make.

Be safe.  Be Blessed.

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